American & Western Muslim Organizations?

Today we have all heard about or have seen these american muslim organizations. There are many such as CAIR and ISNA to name a few. They have offices in almost every city in the US. They have big gatherings in luxurious hotels and usually invite their local politicians to come and speak, where in the end muslims clap for their speach and feel great that someone told them that muslims are good people and get the approval from the local leaders of kufr. They have even had tables set up at their gatherings where muslims can sign up to work for the FBI by translating tapped phone calls of muslims and working as spies in their communities, doing a great service to their religion and country. They have their representatives come into our masjids and give short talks after the friday khutbah’ usually telling muslims to vote for the next president and how muslims should become more involved in the policies of the government. They never miss an opportunity to condemn a muslim when he defends his religion and then tell the people of america that Islam rejects what this man said or did. They are persistent in making sure the people of america only get an image of Islam that is strictly passive, peaceful and loving even at a time when the US is in a direct war with the believers. But who are these people really working for, who funds their organizations. Do they ever stand on the side of Allah and against the Kuffar? Do we ever hear them condemn or speak out against US aggression to any of our brothers and sisters worldwide, do they ever even bring the subject up that america is involved in a global war with muslims on every front, occupying Afghanistan and Iraq, funding israel and the apostate regimes in the entire muslim world who in turn arrest, torture, rape and slaughter our brothers and sisters who stand for and speak the truth. They speak about how we should give back to this country for all the good it has done for us all. They want the muslims in america who for the most part live for and love dunya to believe that they are the true muslims and that the muslims overseas are the misguided ones as well as the enemies of Islam. They want to present an image and form of Islam that is more than happy to live under democracy, capitalism or any man made system. They misguide muslims all around america who have little understanding of Islam which in turn divides our Ummah further causing hatred for our brothers in the muslim world who have the real understanding of Islam and live to establish it and at the same time live in a state where they have to defend themselves and their families from a constant military force which has killed millions with no remorce or sign or any halt any time soon. The fact is, is that these people do not represent Islam they represent the form of Islam that america and its zionists leaders want to promote and encourage so that the next generation is ignorant of any true form of Islam so that kufr can spread further without any resistance. This is all part of their war against Islam. Their work benefits the system, which is the system of shaytan, the system of the dajjal, the system that is in a war with Allah, His Messenger SAW and the light of Allah. Be aware of the tricks of shaytan.

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