Do NOT Take The Kuffar As Friends, Protectors Or Allies

Just a few quick references from Quran and Hadith to support this verse.

Part of being a Believer is being aware and following the fundamentals of our religion. To be moderate means to compromise and leave the deen only to become open minded and accepting of the views, opinions and culture of the non-muslims (kuffar). This is not our way, we have our way and they have theirs. Our religion leads to Jannah’ while their religion and path leads to hellfire, their is no compromise and no in between. Part of being a muslim is loving and hating only for the sake of Allah. We should love what Allah and Rasool Allah SAW has revealed and given to us and we should hate and oppose that which is the opposite. You will not find a believer taking ones who oppose Allah as friends over the believers. How common is this today in almost every society of the world in almost every way. You are that which you imitate. You will not find a kafir wearing a thobe, pants cut above the ankles, growing his beard all the way out, mustache trimmed short above the lip, wearing a kufi or turban, etc. living like a muslim. Because it is not who he is inside, who the identify of his mind and soul is. And vise versa, you will not find a believer following the sunnah’ of the kuffar except that he is one of them. Sheikh Ibn Taymiyyah said that imitation is a sign of love and affection for that which you imitate. This is also plain physiology. Anyone who takes them, the jews, christians, pagans, those who oppose Allah and His Messenger SAW as friends is one of them. Do not take the enemies of Allah as intimate over the believers. Umar Ibn Khattab said to turn away from the ignorant.

Ignorance is a disease and it spreads quickly so stay away from it. When one spends a lot of time around the kuffar you start to accept their views and opinions, you become more open minded towards their thoughts and way of life. Be careful. The kuffar will never be pleased with you until you follow their way. It dosent say their religion, it says to follow their way. They become happy even if they see a muslim woman who dosent wear a cover over her hair or a muslim man who is clean shaven. The kuffar only live for their desires with no true belief or preparation for the hereafter. No matter how much money or material success they have, they lose in reality. Do not be deceived, shaytan makes this world look glamorous and appealing to us. It is only a delusion. So to follow their way you achieve nothing and lose everything. We dont do what displeases Allah to please a human being made from the mud of earth. How can we claim to love Rasool Allah SAW and His Deen and we follow the sunnah and look of his enemies? Love Islam and live Islam until the end, the only way to success.

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