Fighting Against Government Armies In The Muslim World By Sheikh Anwar Al Awlaki










Any army in the world exists with the sole purpose of defending the people from their enemies. But the armies of the Muslim world exist with the sole purpose of defending the interests of the enemies from the Muslims!
This is one of the most ironical situations in our history! These armies serve two purposes: Defending the King or President along with their associates and secondly, defending the interests of the enemies of the ummah, the Zionists and Crusaders. These armies are blocking each and every attempt to re-establish Khilafah and Islamic law. They stand against those who want to establish Islam through Jihad and they even stand in front of those who seek to reach government through peaceful means as what happened in Algeria in the past. In other words, there can be no Islam with the presence of these armies.
The Islamic rule states that whatever is needed to establish an obligation becomes an obligation. Establishing Islamic sharia is an obligation, and fighting in the cause of Allah is an obligation, and if that cannot be achieved except by fighting against these armies then that becomes an obligation. These armies are the defenders of apostasy in the Muslim world. They fight against Sharia and kill the Muslims who attempt to bring it back. They are fighting on behalf of America against the Mujahideen in Pakistan, Somalia and the Maghrib. If this is the case with these armies how could anyone place the blame on the ones who fight them, accusing them of fighting against Muslims?! What kind of twisted fiqh is this? The blame should be placed on the soldier who is willing to follow orders whether the order is to kill Muslims as in Swat, bomb Masjids as with the Red Masjid, or kill women and children as they do in Somalia, just for the sake of a miser salary. This soldier is a heartless beast, bent on evil, who sells his religion for a few dollars. These armies are the number one enemy of the Ummah. They are the worst of creation. Blessed are those who fight against them and blessed are those Shuhada who are killed by them.

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