Keep Watching TV And Stay Asleep!

They are afraid of the day people wake up. The Quran brings the heart and mind back to life like water for a plant. The elite people in power worldwide want us to be brain dead. They fear a day when people become a society of free thinkers. Evil cant exist when society is awake. Thats why they give us 1000 tv channels, half naked women anywhere we go, billboards, commercials, music, sports, etc. Nothing but distractions to keep you asleep.
By keeping the masses in a coma, ignorant and chasing their desires they maintain power. Work, pay your bills, your credit card debt, drink and watch football on the weekends, this is what they want. Keep serving your evil emperor, dont ask questions and dont question what your being told. We are their slaves, we run their businesses, run their cash registers, sell their products, and sell the people of the world material things that they dont need while the elite rich and powerful deep in their kufr lifestyle drink champagne and play golf. Sometimes people wake up for a moment when they all of a sudden realize their gonna die. So the rich and famous work hard through deception to make you think your going to live forever by keeping you entertained and medicated, with the help of shaytan they have misled maybe billions.
Today for instance, all they are talking about is this new advanced cell phone. They claim that it can do anything. It was just released this week, millions have been sold and people are complaining that you cant make a local call without it being dropped due to a problem with the antenna reception design. This is their current tragedy, their biggest nightmare. What will be their reaction when they see their fate in the end. This shows how lost mankind is.
Dont think, watch movies and listen to music. They tell us how to dress, who is good and bad and who to be afraid of. They kill, rape, torture country after country person after person while they keep you unaware unconcerned and living in the bubble. Its like were living in disney world, they make society one huge amusement park, fun and games music and movies.
Muslims as well as non-muslims need to wake up. The Quran gives life to the heart and mind. Giving you spiritual direction and the vision to see through the world and through all the deceptions in all aspects. That is why Islam and the people of truth have become the threat, so they say. Because it exposes evil in every form. They do everything they can to keep you brainwashed and asleep. But Alhumdulila we are seeing a power shift and the system of kufr worldwide is collapsing. They plot and plan and Allah is the best of those who plot. Its time we wake and come to success or stay asleep until we wake up in hellfire where it will be too late.
Those who believe and perform righteous deeds will be in paradise to recline in palaces built on the rivers of Jannah’ while those who disbelieve and deny the truth spreading corruption, injustice and oppression without end will be forced to enter the fire and dwell therein forever.
People of the world, read the Quran and come to the truth and you will be successful Muslims worldwide, wake up now and come back to your religion, the end is near, which path will we follow. The end is not far and time is running out. Every moment is a new chance and we dont have a  Muslims worldwide, wake up now and come back to your religion, the end is near, which path will we follow. The end is not far and time is running out. Every moment is a new chance and we dont have a moment to lose.

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