Muslims Living In The Lands Of The Kuffar

Today muslims are spread out all over the world, even in the smallest most far off places of earth. Many of them migrated to the non-muslims lands for a chance of a better live where they can make a decent living and escape from the places run by oppressive dictators/ tyrants.
So what about today? Many are just living in these in non-muslims lands just living their own lives seperate from the Ummah, seperate from any islamic work and sadly separate from even the most basic islamic lifestyle. They have become comfortable with dunya, with all of the luxuries of the kuffars paradise and have lost the passion of living for the hereafter. Also the west has done an excellent job through TV and music in calling the youth in the muslim world to their dawah’ the dawah of shaytan, getting them to want to be american and toss Islam aside. The tools of shaytan are evil. Today is a new time in a certain perspective though, these lands of kuffar are now directly involved in a war with the muslims physically and mentally. In western countries many young muslims are waking up and coming back to their deen and now many non-muslims are waking up to the truth and being guided by Allah. Their is a huge responsibility on these brothers and sisters. While muslims overseas fight back against occupation, run for cover or help the kuffar gain control over the earth, many muslims in these lands of kufr are fighting the war of thoughts and ideologies. With the people being deceived and brainwashed by the western media, newspapers, news outlets, etc about the Islam and the real situation worldwide, the muslims in the west now have their own work to do. The older generation with weak iman and weak understanding will just live amongst the people and stay quiet because many have become like these people, just muslim by name or religion. Also to mention that the west also promotes a fake watereddown version of Islam which denounces the true Islam of Allah, and these america loving muslims even stand with the kuffar against their own brothers because of ignorance, disease in the heart or lack of understanding. But many of the new generation of muslims, and reverts are the ones holding the torch of truth in these places. Their the ones studying and attempting to live Islam in its pure form. Their the ones who have a responsibility of conveying the message, exposing the lies and bringing the truth to the masses who are mentally asleep and lost.
We now have a critical role in this time and we are in the belly of the machine. Its amazing too because the Pharaoh had a dream that someone from the tribe of Bani Israel would take his kingdom from him, and he plotted to wipe out any possibility of that happening, but what happened, he ended up raising the one who take on that role of opposition, which was Musa (Moses) A.S. who would end up being a prophet and challenging the system of kufr bringing the pharaoh to his own destruction. Same with many of us today, we are living in the same situation. The non-muslims in power do everything in their ability to direct people away from Islam, with the media, music, movies, science, books, news outlets, deception etc. So that people will stay asleep and what is happening? After all this their plot is backfiring and people are coming to Islam and becoming strong on their deen. They plot and Allah plots and Allah is the best of those who plot, verily all evil plots will backfire. So we have a job to do. We need to keep our muslim identity, our values, morals, our minds strong and hearts pure so we can help this deen become established and enjoin good and forbid evil. We need to counterattack the media lies with truth and expose their plots with the truth and become involved in the battle of hearts and minds. We are on the front lines. We have to be stronger than ever, and get focused. The reward is greater according to the times of difficulty. Rasool Allah SAW said in a hadith that if you see evil, to repel it with your hands, to fight it, if you cant then speak out against it and if you are unable to do that, then know in your heart its wrong, and He SAW said that is the weakest of iman. In the Quran its says that Allah likes the strong believer more than the weak believer. So we want to do what is in our ability and give victory to Allah. Right now we are living in the time that is closest to the time of the Sahaba. Islam is under attack from all sides, and the world right now is working hard to establish the system of the dajjal, so we are living in crucial times, the times of fitna and deception. We do not have the time to relax and live a life of luxury. Now is the time to wake up and use our minds. We dont have a moment to lose.
The world is sleep walking and we are on the path of truth. We have to be the ones who stay firm and raise the flag of Islam. We are an Ummah’ Rasool Allah SAW said in a hadith that the Ummah is one body and if a part of it is hurt the entire body feels that pain, the one who does not care for the Ummah’ is not part of us. So We should be concerned with the Ummah’ and care for the Ummah’. That should be the objective of our lives. To be the best and strive hard on the path of the Prophets. We are ones that Allah guided to the truth so we should be grateful. One time Rasool Allah SAW was addressing some of his Sahabas and he said that, I wish I could see my brothers and one of his Sahabas said, oh Rasool I thought we are your brothers, and Rasool Allah SAW said, no you are my companions, my brothers will come in the end of time, the reward for one of them will be 50 of one of you, their signs will be that they will follow my sunnah’ and they will believe in me and love me even though they never saw me. Alhumdulila, the Quran says, glad tiding to the strangers. I hope that we are the strangers that Rasool Allah SAW was talking about.

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