Some Stories Of The Sahaba & The Hoor-Al-Ayn

Abd ar-Rahman bin Yazid bin Mu’awiyah narrated:

“We were in the lands of the Romans when we passed by a garden with some grapevines. So we said to man who was with us to take a pouch we had, enter the garden and and fill it with grapes. We waited and waited, until he finally came out with nothing. So we said to him: “What is wrong with you? Have you gone mad?” We looked at him and saw that he was in a completely different state than when he had left us, as there was light emanating from his face and he appeared to be in a very good mood. So we asked him what had prevented him from packing the grapes, but he remained silent. Finally, we were able to get him to tell us his story, so he narrated:

“When I entered the garden, I immediately saw a woman laying on a bed made of gold, and I realized that she was from the Hur al-’Ayn, and I lowered my gaze from her and looked in the direction of the grapevines, only to see another woman just like her. So I lowered my gaze from her as well. She then said to me: “Both I and the one that you just saw are your wives from the Hur al-’Ayn, and as of today, you will be with us.” Afterwards, we all rode off into battle. Suddenly, he went forth ahead of the rest of us in hopes of becoming martyred, and he ended up being the first of us to be martyred on that day.”

As-Sirri bin Yahya al-Binani narrated:

“A young man once went out to fight seeking to become martyred, but he was not granted martyrdom. One day while he was with his companions, he went to take a nap in a nearby canopy. When it was time to pray Dhuhr, his companions went to wake him up. When he awoke he began crying so intensely that his friends thought that something had happened to him. When he saw this he said to them: “Nothing is is wrong with me.” Then, he narrated to them what had happened:
“Rather, what happened was that while I was asleep, a man came to me and said: “Let us go visit your wide-eyed wife.” So, I got up went with him to a white piece of land – so white and pure. We arrived at a garden, the likes of which I had never seen before. Sitting in this garden were ten young women with beauty the likes of which I had never seen before. I hoped that this wife he had told me about would be one of these women, so I asked them: “Is the wide-eyed one among you?” They replied: “She is within close reach, and we are her servants.”

So I continued with my companion to another garden that was more beautiful than the one we had just left, with twenty young women sitting in it who were more beautiful than the ten that we had just left, and I hoped that my wife would be one of them. I asked them: “Is the wide-eyed one among you?” They replied: “She is within close reach, and we are her servants.”

We continued until we arrived at a large domed building made of red rubies that was surrounded by light, so my companion told me to enter. So I entered to find a woman whose light outshone that surrounding the domed building. I sat and spoke with her for an hour.

Suddenly, my companion told me to get up and leave. I could not disobey him, so I got up and began to leave. The woman grabbed at the edge of my cloak and said: “Stay and break your fast with us tonight!” At that point, you woke me up to pray, and when I realized that it was just a dream, I began to cry.” As soon as he finished narrating his story, the call was made to mount the horses and head to the battlefield. As soon as the Sun had set – the time for the one fasting to break his fast – he was killed, and he had been fasting.”

Al-Qasim bin ‘Abd ar-Rahman al-Mas’udi narrated:

“We were invading the lands of the Romans with Fudalah bin ‘Ubayd from the seashore – and it was the first time for Fudalah to fight on the seashore – so while we were travelling, Fudalah began to ride faster, and he was the leader of the group. Back then the leaders used to listen to those whom Allah – the Mighty and Majestic – chose to advise them, so one of them said: “O our leader! The people have become split up, so let us wait for a while until they catch up to us.” So, we waited in an area that was near a cliff with a castle situated atop it, surrounded by a fortress. Some of us were standing and some were sitting. Suddenly, a red-hued man with a long mustache approached us. We brought him to Fudalah and said: “This is a man who approached us from the direction of the fortress of the Romans. He has no agreement or covenant with us. What should be done with him?” The man then said: “Before today, I would eat the flesh of swine and drink alcohol. Last night, when I came home to my family and fell asleep, two men approached me in my sleep, washed out my stomach, and married me to two women – none of them being jealous of the other. The two women said to me: “Accept Islam, for we are reserved only for the Muslims.”

He did not even finish his story when we were suddenly attacked with stone projectiles from the fortress. The man was struck above his neck while he was standing between us. Fudalah then said: “Allah is the Greatest! His actions were few, but his reward is great! Pray over your brother.” So, we prayed over him and buried him where we were standing, and went on our way.”

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