The Effectiveness Of The Media Jihad

Indeed today we, the Islamic ummah are seeing clearly how strong the influence of the jihad media is, for the “superpower” kafir state of America, look at how the kafir, with a variety of reasons, want to extinguish those medias, starting from the hacking attack to the latest one, the freezing of the assets belonging to the owners of those websites.

This proves that, every one line of kalimah we have put in the media, is capable of destroying the enemy ranks, able to disintegrate the enemy’s media propaganda… This proves that, these websites that became the target of America, insyaAllah are standing upon haq, because iblis will not fight fellow iblis, but iblis fights the Mu’mins who are sincere and honest in fighting them…

Indeed, this is what’s called media jihad in the jihad media… the swords that came out from our jihad writings, are able to bring a sense of anger and chills to the kafir and munafiqeen, that led to the collapse of the enemy’s mentality…

Due to that, to all those whom Allah has not given the chance to attend the markets of Paradise in the lands of jihad to fight the forces of shaitan, they should help to destroy the enemy’s mentality with the kalimahs of jihad in the jihad media…

O Muslimeen, help the struggle of our brothers at and, by disseminating their news… by giving donations to them… by contributing the ‘ilm (knowledge) that Allah bestows on you for the expansion of their websites… by CREATING new jihad websites/blogs to increase the ranks of the Islamic ummah..

By Allah, creating a new jihad website will not become a rival for the existing jihad websites… By Allah, creating a new jihad website will not disunite the ummah.. because our objective is the same.. i.e. to destroy America, and other kafir people until we feel peace in the land of Palestine and the entire lands of the Muslims!

O Muslimeen, the war against Islam that they have launched is already clear… why are there still among us people who are friendly with them, with the excuse that Islam does not fight the people of America, but only the American military!? Whereas we ourselves know that the American military got the blessings, to invade the countries of the Muslims, from the people of America (democracy)….

O Muslimeen, it is already clear that this country is having its wala’ to the kafir who are fighting Islam, so why are there still among us people who keep on defending this country? Do you love this country more than your own brothers in Islam?

O Muslimeen, it is already clear they would not allow this Islam established on this earth… then why are there still among us people who expect generosity from them as a form of “thulabun nusrah” (a strategy of the Hizbut Tahrir – ed.)… is it because you feel unable to straighten your backbone, whereas Allah is with you?

O Muslimeen, open the Qur’an… read the Sirrah (Islamic history)… see for yourself how Islam was established… count for yourself how many companions of the Prophet were killed in the battlefield for the sake of the establishment of Islam… cover your ears from the ulama’s of the rulers and sissy ulama’s who appear in front of you… leave their halaqah… because the enemy is already in front of the eyes…

And they, the ulama’s who are already old… get the udzur (valid exemption) from the obligation of jihad because of their old age… if they only sit idle not conducting jihad, due to the love and mercy of Allah, they are blameless.. but you, O Youths.. you are sinning if you follow their footsteps… because the udzur has not fallen on you…

And to the ulama’s and jama’ahs of the Muslims, do not prevent the youths from conducting jihad by engaging them with your agendas which are unbeneficial for the struggles of the Mujahideen… train them how to hold the weapons… teach them the tauhidullah.. ignite the fire of courage in their hearts… because Allah gives the amanah only to those who are ready… it is not possible for Allah to make you and your ikhwahs as the commander of the Mujahideen for the Muslims, while you cannot even hold weapons… it is not possible for Allah to allow you to hold the banner of Rasulullah in the batlefield, while you do not even have the courage to raise it in your premises…. indeed, the amanah comes only when you are ready…

To the kafirs all over the world, we say.. indeed you are ignorant and do not really understand the nature, as well as the characteristic of our religion… there are only three choices for you! Firstly, enter into Islam and leave the pagan idol gods that you make with your own hands… Secondly, submit to the Muslims while paying jizyah in shame… and Thirdly, you fight us, which you will encounter a people who love death like how you love life!

Indeed we will reach you.. indeed this religion will knock the door of your houses and offer those three options… and indeed wherever you are, Allah will humiliate you with the establishment of the religion of Islam wherever you are…

To the munafiqeen who are struggling through their speeches and writings to fight the “terrorist” ideology of Islam… and to the propaganda media owned by the munafiqeen.. we affirm… how vain are your deeds indeed.. not the slightest of your condemnation and propaganda are able to influence us… no matter how intense you hide the true teachings of Islam from the society.. Allah will open the way for us to achieve it… no matter how persistent you make the Islamic ummah engaged in useless preoccupations that make them forget their duty as Muslims… Allah will awaken them by His will…. No matter how beautiful the systems you offer them as the alternative to Islam… it would not be able to beat the beauty and blissfulness of the teachings of Rasulullah SAW…..

Alhamdulillah… and the final word.. Know that.. we can only be honorable with Islam… and Islam will not be established without sacrifices,.. and the best of sacrifices is to kill or be killed in the cause of Allah…


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