The Sahaba And The Straight Path

One of the most inspiring and educational things to do is to study the books on the lives of the Sahaba. Reading how they lived, how they thought and their struggles should give some life, understanding and strength to the heart. They were the definition of belief, the pious. If we study their individual lives we see that their faith and obedience to Allah was their fuel that gave victory to Islam. What did the Sahaba have that we dont? They had the presence of Rasool Allah SAW with them for a while and something else. The had the Quran, maybe not put together in a small book as we have been blessed to have today but they had the knowledge and that alone was sufficient for them. All they had was Quran, they didnt have all these modern day sheikhs, scholars, intellectuals and countless books with different viewpoints. They had Quran. That is where they derived their guidance, opinions, thoughts, and evidence. All from Quran. The book contains everything that one needs to know to have success, a manual to help reach success.
So if we want to know the true Islam we should do the same and go straight to the source. Go directly to the book of Allah, books of Hadith and books written by the early scholars who understood the religion and fought to preserve it from all the deviations that were being introduced. And if we want to see how to apply it then look no further than the lives of the Sahaba. They lived and breathed Quran. With all the deviant groups and attempts to alter, water down and destroy Islam all we need to do to see the truth is in Quran and the lives of the Sahaba. The truth is clear from falsehood. The kuffar and the deviated try to distort and hide the truth of the Sahabas lives.
The Sahaba are the role models for the Ummah’ and following their footsteps is the path to Jannah. So if we want to know the pure Islam revealed to Rasool Allah SAW from the falsehood that is being promoted we should know what to do. We as muslims are being lied to in every way about our religion and the worldwide events involving the Ummah’ by even our own so-called muslim brothers. The plotting against this religion is sufficient to move mountains and it is being attacked from outside from the kuffar and from within by the munafiqs (hypocrites). They will attempt to distort and twist the ayats of Quran and Hadiths but when we see how the Sahaba lived and applied Quran the falsehood is exposed.
So if we want to understand what was revealed and follow the path to Jannah’ we should study the lives of the Sahaba and take them as our role models. Follow their footsteps and turn away from the ignorant and lost who plot day and night to change our deen. Derive your understanding of life and truth from Quran and check to see how the Sahaba applied it and you will see truth separate from the falsehood and lies being repeated by the hypocrites and deviated exposed. Do these people think that the Sahaba followed a watered down, fake, soft version of Islam void of even the basic fundamentals? They were the lions of Islam, the carriers of truth, warriors by day and monks by night. May Allah be pleased with them and may we be among those who continue their path and live together in Jannah.

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