Who Is The Real Enemy Of The Ummah?

I still find it surprising even today when speaking, listening and reading what muslims have to say regarding this topic. Muslims always speak about the blessed glorious moment when the victory will come, when their will be another Khilafah. Even today, with so many diseases in the muslim world, sometimes people dont know where to start. But if you look at our global situation, what is the one thing preventing this from happening? What is preventing the muslims from justice, victory, being free, having their own islamic system established free from the corruption and oppression?
It is one thing, the foundation and the roots of it all. The muslim/ arab rulers. They are the one thing preventing the Ummah’ from victory and the source of all evil. This is a topic that muslims for some reason cant acknowledge. I cant comprehend how anyone can be confused on this subject. The arab rulers rule by the laws of kufr. They befriend the kuffar jews and christians making alliances with them against the believers. They keep the population poor and oppressed with absolutly no justice at all. They rule by force killing, imprisoning and torturing the brothers in every muslim country for just speaking a few words against them.
Anyone who calls to the Quran or change is kidnapped and disappears. They keep the people in fear ruling by the iron fist. They have their spys everywhere, so their is now one to trust. While the Ummah’ is broke they hoard all the wealth for themselves. They put the most ignorant people to work for them to enforce their evil agendas. Their armys and police are not their to protect the muslims, but are their to protect the rulers and their associates from their own people. They are the ones who make sure that the muslims never unite and establish another khilafah. And some muslims are so brainwashed and ignorant that they love these rulers and support these devils.
These rulers, their police, their armys and supporters are all evil munafiq hypocrites and are the true enemies of Islam. The evidence for this is all over the Quran, Hadiths and in the books of the true scholars and is too much to mention. They dont even hide their actions and stance, they openly take the christians and jewish zionists as friends, protectors, allies and unite with them to fight the muslims.
Some muslims claim that you have to obey them because the Quran says to be patient and tolerate the muslim leader even if he makes mistakes and they give weak claims to support their views. It is clear that these muslims have no understanding of what is happening and what the religion truly is. The verses in Quran telling you to stick to the leaders is speaking about a just ruler. A muslim who rules by Islam and the laws of Allah. A ruler who is true to the muslims. A pious ruler who was appointed by the Ummah’ to establish justice and Islam as a system.
These moderate and ignorant muslims and scholars claim that anyone who wants or try to overthrow them is khawarij. This is what these governments appointed scholars who work with the rulers say and many repeat and blindly follow their statements. The rulers of today are the open enemies of Allah in every way. And they are NOT recognized as legitimate rulers, they are tyrants who have stolen that leadership from the muslims illegally by force. They were put into power by the British after they destroyed the Ottoman Khilafah after World War 2. So they are actually british agents working for the kuffar to fight Islam from within. Anyone who studies recent history can see this. They are the true enemies of Islam, the descendents of HELLFIRE. and they have to be removed to establish Islam and free the Ummah’ from the state we are in now.
Just to mention it, the khawarij were a group of muslims who were fighting the Sahaba and the true Khilafahs. They rebelled against the true companions of Rasool Allah SAW. You cant compare fighting them to fighting the modern day british agents who were put in power by the kuffar. This is the weakest claim and has no foundation. It is for the blind deaf and dumb of no understanding. These rulers and their supporters are apostates if they ever were muslims and it is obligatory to establish Islam in all the lands of Rasool Allah and free the Ummah’ from that miserable state that it is in. All praise is due to Allah and He guides whom He wills.

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