Some Beautifully Selected Hadiths (Part 1)

“If Allah loves a people, then He tests them.”

“I eat as a slave eats, and I sit as a slave sits, for verily, I am a slave.”

“Love for the people what you love for yourself and you will be a Muslim, and do not laugh too much for too much laughing kills the heart.”

“If one of you sees someone who is in the midst of being tested (by Allah) then says: ‘All praise is for Allah who has saved me from what you are being tested with, and has favored me greatly over you and over many of his worshippers’ [Alhamdillah alladhi ‘afani mimma abtalaka bihi, wa faddalni ‘alayk wa ‘ala kathirin min ‘ibadihi tafdila], then you have thanked for that blessing.”

“If you beautify your masajid, and decorate your masahif (copies of the Qur’an), then destruction is upon you.”

“If riba (interest/usury) and zina (fornication/adultery) appear in an area, then the people of that area have invited upon themselves the punishment of Allah.”

“If Allah decides that a worshipper of His will die in a certain land, then He makes a reason for him to travel there.”

“On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will send to every believer an angel and a disbeliever with him, so the angel will say to the believer: ‘O believer, take this disbeliever, for he is your ransom from the Fire (i.e., he will take your place in Hell).’

“Announce among the people that whoever bears witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah without any partners, with sincerity, enters Paradise.”

“Allow me to tell about an angel from the angels of Allah the Exalted who carry the Throne: between his ears and his neck is a distance of 700 years of travel.”

“The ground in Paradise is made of white sand.”

“The most beloved to me from my Ummah will come after me: one of them would wish that he could give his family and wealth for a glimpse at me.”

“The best actions are to cheer up your believing brother, to relieve him of a debt, or to feed him.”

“The believer who is best in submission is he who protects the Muslims from his tongue and hand, and the believer who is best in faith is the one who has the best character and manners, and the best emigrant is he who abandons what Allah the Exalted has forbidden, and the best striving is he who strives against himself for Allah, the Mighty and Majestic.”

“The Hour has neared and people are only increasing in their pursuit of the life of this world, and they are only increasing in their distance from Allah.”

“The people who eat their fill the most in this world will be hungriest in the Hereafter.”

“The milk of the cattle contains healing, its fat is a medicine, and its meat (causes) sickness.”

“Allah and His Messenger are the helpers of those who have no helpers, and the uncle is the inheritor of he who has no inheritor.”

“O Allah! I ask You for guidance, piety, safety and well-being, and contentment and sufficiency.” [Allahumma inni as’alukal-huda wat-tuqa wal-`afafa wal-ghina].

“I was ordered to use the siwak (toothbrush) so much that I feared my teeth would fall out.”

“This Ummah of mine is an Ummah that has been relieved of much. It has no punishment in the Hereafter; rather, its punishment in this world is in the form of trials and tribulations and earthquakes and killing and disasters.”

“If you are killed in the path of Allah, while you are patient and waiting, going forth and not turning your back, then Allah will remove all of your sins from you except for the debt. That is what Jibril told me now.”

“I am an announcer of a house in the midst of Paradise for the one who leaves an arguement even if he is right, and a house in the middle of Paradise for the one who leaves lying even if in a joking manner, and a house in the highest part of Paradise for the one who improves his manners.”

“The scriptures of Ibrahim were revealed on the first night of Ramadan, and the Torah was revealed on the 6th of Ramadan, and the Gospel was revealed on the 13th of Ramadan, and the Zabur was revealed on the 18th of Ramadan, and the Qur’an was revealed on the 24th of Ramadan.”

“Verily, saying: ‘Praise be to Allah [Alhamdulillah], and Glory be to Allah [Subhan-Allah], and ‘There is none worthy of worship except Allah’ [La Ilaha Illallah], and ‘Allah is the Greatest’ [Allahu Akbar] causes the sins to fall off of the slave just as the leaves fall off of this tree.”

“Verily, the Maidens of Paradise will sing, saying: ‘We are the excellent Hur; we came for noble husbands.’”

“Verily, shyness and faith are two close companions, so if one of them is taken away the other goes with it.”

“Verily, the world is cursed and everything in it is cursed, except for the remembrance of Allah and what is associated with it, and a teacher and a student (of good).”

“Verily, the Devil comes to one of you and says: ‘Who created the sky?’ So you say: ‘Allah.’ So he says, ‘Who created the land?’ So you say: ‘Allah.’ So he says, ‘Who created Allah?’ If this happens to one of you, he should say: ‘I believe in Allah and His Messenger.”

“Verily, when the worshipper stands to pray, all of his sins are placed on his head and shoulders, so whenever he bows or prostrates his sins fall off of him.”

“Verily, the grave is the first stage of the Afterlife, so if one is saved from it, there is nothing after that easier than it; and if one is not saved from it, then there is nothing after it more difficult than it.”

“Verily, if Allah bestows a favor upon a worshipper, he likes that the signs of that favor are visible.”

“Verily, if Allah had willed to not be disobeyed, He wouldn’t have created Iblis.”

“Verily, Allah the Exalted protects his believing slave from this world out of love for him as you protect your sick from (too much) food and drink out of fear that it would harm them.”
“Verily, Allah the Exalted hates everyone who is knowledgeable of the worldly life, but ignorant of the Hereafter.”

“Verily, on the Day of Resurrection Allah the Exalted will torture those who tortured the people in this world.”

“Verily, the dead are tortured in their graves to the point that the animals can hear them.”

“Verily, people are not given anything better than good character.”

“Verily, the acts of the people of Paradise will be made easy for those who are the people of Paradise to perform, and the acts of the people of the Fire will be made easy for those who are the people of the Fire to perform.”

“Verily, Jihad in the path of Allah is tourism for my Ummah.”

“Verily, knowledge that is not benefitted from is like treasure that is not spent from in the path of Allah.”

“Verily, for every Ummah there is a trial (fitnah), and the trial for my Ummah is wealth.”

“Verily, for everything there is a reality, and the worshipper does not acquire true faith until he realizes that what befalls him was not meant to pass him by, and what passes him by was not meant to befall him.”

“Verily, in the Grave there is a squeezing, and if anyone were to be saved from it, it would be Sa’ad ibn Mu’adh.”

“Verily, the likeness of the one who performs bad deeds and then performs good deeds is like the one who has a tight chain around his neck that is choking him, then he performs a good deed that causes one link to be broken, then he performs another that causes another to be broken, until it falls to the ground.”

“Verily, the one who takes back a gift that he has given is like the dog which ate until it vomited, and then ate its own vomit.”

“Verily, the life of this world is like the food of the son of Adam: no matter how much salt and spice he adds to it, let him look to how it ends up (as waste).”

“Verily, after you (Companions) there are times that require patience such that the one holding on during those times will have the reward of fifty martyrs from you.”

“Verily, the believer who is stricken with pain and fever is like a piece of steel that is placed in fire and its rust is removed, leaving only its good part.”

“Verily, you were sent to make things easy, and not to make things difficult.”

“Verily, the Anti-Christ will emerge when he is angered.”

“Verily, Allah assists this Ummah with its weak ones; by their supplications, their prayer and their sincerity.”

“Verily, a powerful and fat man will come on the Day of Resurrection and not be worth the weight of the wing of a fly with Allah.”

“Verily, there is nothing that is between the Heavens and the Earth that does not know that I am the Messenger of Allah, except for the disobedient Jinn and humans.”

“Verily, whoever does not ask of Allah, the Exalted, He becomes Angry with him.”

“Verily, I joke and I do not say except what is true.”

“Verily, I do not shake hands with women.”

“The strongest bond of faith is: alliance for the sake of Allah and enmity for the sake of Allah, and love for the sake of Allah and hatred for the sake of Allah, Mighty and Majestic.”

“The helpers (awliya’) of Allah the Exalted are those whom, when they are seen, Allah is remembered.”

“Should I not inform you of what Allah removes mistakes with, and increases the good deeds with? Performing ablution when it is difficult to do so, and increasing steps to the mosques, and waiting for the next prayer after each prayer.”

“Beware of extremism in the religion, for verily those who were before you were destroyed as a result of their extremism in religion.”

“Now, we invade them and they will not invade us.”

“Islam dominates, and is not dominated over.”
“The Prophets are alive and praying in their graves.”

“Righteousness is good manners, and sin is what doesn’t find certainty in your chest and you hate the people to find out about.”

“The mucous that is spit in the direction of the Qiblah will be brought back on the Day of Resurrection in the face of the one who spit it.”

“Trials and tribulations will be presented to the hearts as a reed mat is interwoven stick by stick. Any heart which absorbs these trials will have a black mark put in it. However, any heart that rejects them will have a white mark put in it. The result is that hearts will be of two kinds: one white like a white stone, which will not be harmed by trials as long as the heavens and earth endure; and the other dark and rusty, like an over-turned vessel; not able to recognise the good, nor reject evil, but rather being absorbed with its desires.”

“Think about the signs of Allah, and do not think about Allah.”

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