Pentagon Admits To Funding & Promoting Fake Islam

abdullah abdul malik chekdamize war against islamPentagon Admits To Funding & Promoting Fake Islam by Abdullah Abdul Malik.

An american organization linked to the pentagon has a strong objective in mind. Their goal, is to change Islam by promoting a fake moderate version of the Religion. In addition to the physical war against muslims now we have a physiological one as well referred to as the battle of hearts and minds. The kuffar are trying to win over the hearts and minds of muslims worldwide by getting them to accept their new version of kufr Islam. This version they want you to accept is one where you dont submit to what Allah has decreed but you follow and submit to what the kuffar tell you Islam is. They are openly funding and promoting a kufr version of Islam and they are doing this worldwide. They want the the muslims who follow their kufr version to believe that they are the real muslims who represent Islam and that the muslims of knowledge, who stand for truth, defend their honor and lands from occupation to be labeled extreme and called terrorists. This is another effort by the kuffar jews and christians to divide and conquer preventing the Ummah’ from ever uniting. They are funding masjids, muslim organizations, schools and even muslim scholars to spread what they call moderate Islam to counteract the Islam of Rasool Allah and Quran. They also said that they want to promote the sufi version of Islam because of its passive stance towards jihad and peaceful co-existence towards any enemy forces and systems of kufr. They are spending millions to do this so we need to be careful and aware of the many tricks and deceptions they may use. 

This version of Islam that they want to promote is what many muslims today happen to be following due to their ignorance of the deen. These muslims have also been great at repeating the lies from the media speading them far and wide causing hatred for our brothers overseas further disuniting the Ummah. So we need to wake up to whats happening around us. They have succeeded in destroying the true message of every other prophet and corrupting their books. They are paying their scholars to promote their views and ideas that they want us to accept. They hope that the next generation of muslims will follow their deceptive way because they know that this clash of civilizations will continue on and that the youth have always been the ones to stand for truth. They want to destroy the Islam that was revealed, the Islam that defends itself and want us to be happy to live under tyrants, democracy and laws of kufr and make us all into Baba Ali muslims. They want us to all accept things like the saudi madkhali ideology and label the true muslims, the people of tawheed of truth as wahabis or extremists/ fundamentalists. The want us to follow people like Hamza Yusuf but SubhanAllah their plans will fail because Allah is the best of those who plot and He guides who He wills. We should do what we can to expose and counteract their effots to corrupt us by educating ourselves with Quran and learn from those who are true to Allah who stand for the truth. May we all be among those who recognize the truth and adopt it as a lifestyle exposing the evil plots of shaytan and his followers.

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