Some Beautifully Selected Hadiths (Part 2)

“The mentioning of the blessings of Allah is gratefulness, and not doing so is ungratefulness. And whoever is not thankful for the small things, will not be thankful for the big things. And whoever doesn’t thank the people, doesn’t thank Allah. And the united community is a blessing, and division is punishment.”

“The rights upon a Muslim are three: taking a bath on Friday, using the toothbrush, and using a good scent.”

“Three things can save a person: fear of Allah the Exalted in private and in public, fairness in happiness and in anger, and generosity in poverty and in wealthiness. And three things can destroy a person: desires that are followed, covetousness that is obeyed, and a person being amazed and pleased with themself.”

“The Paradise is closer to one of you than his shoelace, and the Fire is as well.”

“The Paradise has eight doors, and the Fire has seven doors.”

“Two sets of eyes have been forbidden from the Fire: an eye that weeps from the fear of Allah, and an eye that has spent the night protecting Islam and its people from the people of disbelief.”

“Whenever you pass by the grave of a disbeliever, give him the tidings of the Fire.”

“The permissible is what Allah has permitted in His Book, and the forbidden is what Allah has forbidden in His Book, and what He has not made mention of is what he has allowed.”

“Khalid ibn al-Walid is a sword from the Swords of Allah; Allah has set him loose on the polytheists.”

“The best places are the mosques, and the worst places are the markets.”

“The best of the Companions are four, and the best small army-units (saraya) are 400, and the best army is 4,000, and 12,000 will never be defeated because of their small number.”

“I saw Jibril, and he had 600 wings.”

“The Pleasure of Allah is in the pleasure of the parents, and the Anger of Allah is in the anger of the parents.”

“Two units of prayer before the Fajr are better than the world and what is in it.”

“The way to block the eyes of the Jinn from seeing the private parts of the children of Adam is for one to say

‘Bismillah’ when he takes off his clothes.”

“You will have a secure pact with the Romans, and you will both fight an enemy from behind them, so you will defeat that enemy and take war booty from them. Then, you will both descend on a valley filled with green vegetation and a man from the Romans will get up and raise the Cross and say: ‘The Cross has won!’ So a man from the Muslims will come to him and kill him, and they will betray the Muslims. Then the Great Wars (al-Malahim) will occur, and they (the Romans) will gather against you and come to you under eighty banners, under each banner there will be ten thousand.”

“There will emerge from my Ummah people who drink the Qur’an as one of them would drink milk.”

“The one who drinks alcohol is like the worshipper of an idol, and the one who drinks alcohol is like the worshiper of Latt and ‘Uzza.”

“The worst of my Ummah are those who indulge in delights; those who eat all different kinds of food, and wear all different kinds of clothing, and are loose in their speech.”

“The honor of the believer is his praying at night, and his glory is his sufficiency from what other people have.”

“The martyrs who fight in the path of Allah on the frontlines and do not turn their faces until they are killed, then they will meet in the highest room in Paradise and your Lord will laugh to them. Verily, if Allah – the Exalted – laughs to His believing worshipper, then he will not be taken to account for his deeds.”

“Keep relations with those who cut off relations with you, and act kindly to those who have wronged you, and speak the truth even if it is against yourself.”

“The voluntary prayer of a man where the people cannot see him is equal to 25 voluntary prayers in front of the eyes of the people.”

“The first part of this Ummah was rectified with abstinence from worldly pleasures (zuhd) and certainty (yaqin), and the later part of it will be destroyed by stinginess and false hopes.”

“The head is what makes something an image. So if the head is cut off, then there is no (forbidden) image.”

“Allah – the Exalted – has given a parable: a straight road, and on either sides of the road are two walls containing opened doors that are covered with curtains. At the beginning of the straight road there is a caller calling: ‘Oh people! Enter this path, all of you, and do not deviate from it!’ And a caller will be calling from above the road if a person wants to open any of these doors: ‘Woe to you, do not open the door, for if you were to open it you would enter it!’

So the straight road is Islam, the two walls are the limits set by Allah – the Exalted, the open doors are the things that have been forbidden by Allah – the Exalted, that caller at the beginning of the road is the Book of Allah, and the caller from above the road is an admonisher from Allah that He has placed in the heart of every Muslim.”

“Glad tidings once for he who sees me and then believes in me, and glad tidings seven times to the one who believes in me without seeing me.”

“Oppression is of three types: oppression that Allah does not forgive, oppression that He does forgive, and oppression that he holds off on. As for the oppression that he does not forgive, then that is polytheism, as Allah says:

{“Verily, polytheism is a great oppression…“} And as for the oppression that he forgives, then this is the oppression of the servants of themselves in what is between them and their Lord. And as for the oppression that Allah holds off on, then this is the oppression of the servants to each other until they work it out between themselves.”

“I am amazed at the believer, how Allah – the Exalted – does not Will for him something except that it is best for him.”

“A group of the Muslims will open the White House of Kisra.”

“Hang the belt where the members of the household can see it, for it keeps them in check.”

“The poor emigrants will enter Paradise five hundred years before the wealthy emigrants.”

“In every century, there are those who are foremost in good deeds from among my Ummah.”

“Allah – the Exalted – said: ‘Spend on others and I will spend on you.’“

“The black stone at the Ka’bah was whiter than snow, but the sins of the Children of Adam made it black.”

“The Book of Allah is the rope that is extended from the Heavens to the Earth.”

“Everything that is not from the remembrance of Allah is vain talk and play, except if it is one of four: a man playing with his wife, a man training his horse, a man going to obtain his needs, or a man’s learning how to swim.”

He (peace be upon him) would remember Allah much, and would not engage in vain talk, and would elongate his prayer, and would shorten his speeches, and he did not consider himself great enough that he would not walk with the widow, the poor and the slave until he fulfilled their needs.

“I am not for this world, and it is not for me. Verily, I was sent while the Hour is rapidly approaching.”

“When your brothers were killed in Uhud, Allah put their souls in the hearts of green birds that flew near the rivers of Paradise and ate from its fruits and were looking towards golden lamps hanging from the shade of the Throne. So, when they saw the sweetness of their food and drink and resting places, they said: ‘Who will inform our brothers about us that we are alive in Paradise and are provided for so that they will not be lax in Jihad and will not lose firmness during war?’ So Allah – the Exalted – said: ‘I will inform them on your behalf.’“

“If the son of Adam ran away from his provision as he ran away from death, then his provision would find him as death finds him.”

“If a man were to be dragged on his face from the day he was born until the day he died in order to gain the Pleasure of Allah – the Exalted, he would not consider this to be enough on the Day of Resurrection.”

“If you were to depend on Allah – the Exalted – as He should be depended upon, He would provide for you as He provides for the bird; it leaves its nest early in the day empty-handed and returns at the end of the day with food.”

“If the woman knew the full extent of the right of her husband, she would not sit in his presence while he was eating his lunch and dinner until he was finished with them.”

“The people will run away into the mountains to escape from the Anti-Christ.”

“The people who were relieved (of hardships in this world) will wish that their skins could be cut up with shears on the Day of Judgement from what they see of the reward of the people who were put through trials and tribulations.”

“Whoever does not sleep until he prays the Witr has strong and sound judgement.

“Whatever your heart rejects, then leave it.”

“A group of people never gather to remember Allah – the Exalted – and then get up from that gathering, except that it is said to them: ‘Get up, as Allah has forgiven your sins for you, and your bad deeds have been exchanged for good deeds.’”

“Whatever you hate the people to see from you, then do not do while you are out of their sight.”

“There is not a son of Adam except that he has wisdom in his head that is in the hand of an Angel. So, if he becomes humble, it is said to the Angel: ‘Raise his wisdom,’ and if he becomes arrogant, it is said to the Angel: ‘Throw away his wisdom.’”

“There is not a single hour that passes by the son of Adam in which he does not remember Allah except that he will regret it on the Day of Resurrection.”

“No two Muslims meet with one of them greeting his companion and taking his hand – and he does not take his hand except for Allah – and part ways until they are both forgiven.”

“The example of the learned one who teaches good to the people but forgets to apply it himself is like that of the lamp which lights the way for the people but burns itself.”

“The example of the believer is like that of the bee; it does not eat except that which is good, and it does not leave behind except that which is good.”

“From the perfection of a man’s Islam is for him to leave that which does not concern him.”

“Whoever wishes to know what Allah has prepared for him, then he should look at what he has prepared for Allah.”

“Whoever is stricken with sadness, grief, sickness or hardship and says: ‘Allah is my Lord, without any partners’ [Allahu Rabbi, la sharika lahu], then it will be removed from him.”

“Whoever makes his worries about just one thing – the Appointed Day (of Resurrection) – then Allah will suffice him from the rest of his worries. And whoever has his worries branching off from the affairs of this world, then Allah will not care in which valley he dies.”

“Whoever enters the marketplace and says: ‘There is none worthy of worship except Allah who has no partners, for Him is the Dominion, and for Him is all Praise, He brings life and He causes death, and He is Alive and does not die, in His Hand is all good, and He is able to do all things,’ [La ilaha ill-Allah, Wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahul-Mulk, wa lahul-Hamd, yuhyiy wa yumit, wa Huwa Hayyun la yamut, bi Yadihil-Khayr wa Huwa ‘ala kulli shay’in Qadir] then Allah will write one million good deeds for him, and will wipe away one million of his bad deeds, and will raise him one million levels and will build a home for him in Paradise.”

“Whoever wants to to love Allah and His Messenger, then let him read the Mushaf.”

“Whoever is happy with his good deeds and saddened by his bad deeds, then he is a believer.”

“Whoever is two-faced in this world will have two tongues made of fire on the Day of Resurrection.”

“Whoever controls his anger when he is able to act upon it, Allah will call him to come in front of all of the Creation so that he would let him choose from the Hur al-’Ayn and marry from them whom he pleases.”

“Victory comes with patience, and relief comes with anguish, and with hardship comes ease.”
He (peace be upon him) forbade that women be spoken to except with the permission of their husbands.

“…And what disease is worse then stinginess?”

“I wish I could meet my brothers; those who have believed in me without seeing me.”

“A woman never bothers her husband in this world except that his wives from the Hur al-’Ayn say: ‘Do not bother him, may Allah fight you! For he is not meant for you; he wishes that he could leave you and come to us.’”

“The Hour will not be established until the Euphrates River is surrounded by a mountain of gold. The people will fight over it to the point that 99 out of every hundred will die, and every one of them will say: ‘If only I am the one who wins.’”

“No man comes to his master and asks him for a favor from that which he possesses, and the man is prevented from that favor, except that a huge bald snake will be called out for him (the master) on the Day of Resurrection that will consume that favor that he prevented others from.”

“It is not for one who is truthful to be one who curses.”

“It is not for a believer that he should oppress himself: he puts burdens on himself that he cannot sustain.”

“O Abu Dharr! Do you think that an abundance in wealth is satisfaction? Verily, true satisfaction is the satisfaction of the heart, and whoever is one who’s satisfaction is in his heart, then nothing that he encounters from this world will harm him. And whoever is one who’s poverty is in his heart, then he will never become satisfied with an Abundance of what is given to him in this world, and his covetnous is what will harm him.”

“Hellfire will be brought out on that Day with seventy thousand reins; each rein will be dragged by seventy thousand Angels.”

“One of you sees a speck of dirt in his brother’s eye, and forgets the large spot of it in his own eye.”

“People from the Muslims will come on the Day of Resurrection with sins like the mountains. Allah will forgive those sins and throw them onto the Jews.”

“Islam will fade just as the color fades from a garment to the point that one will not know what fasting, prayer, sacrifice or charity is. And the Book of Allah will be taken up in a single night so that not a single verse of it will remain on the Earth, and groups of people – the old men and the elderly – will say: ‘We found our fathers to be upon this word, saying ‘La Ilaha Illallah’ [there is none worthy of worship except Allah] so we say it as well.’”

“Allah laughs at two men – one of whom kills the other, both of whom enter Paradise: one fights in the Path of Allah and is killed, then Allah has Mercy on his killer who becomes a Muslim and fights in the Path of Allah and is (also) martyred.”

“The believer will be given the strength of a hundred men in Paradise for (intercourse with) women.”

“The Devil places three knots in the back of the head of one of you when he is asleep. At every knot, he says:

‘The night is long, so keep resting.’ So, if he wakes up and remembers Allah, one knot becomes untied. If he performs ablution, another knot becomes untied. If he prays, then all of the knots become untied and he wakes up fresh and good-spirited. Otherwise, he wakes up mean-spirited and lazy.”

“Allah – the Exalted – says: ‘I am as My servant thinks Me to be, and I am with him if he calls upon Me.’“

“People from my nation will descend upon a marsh called ‘al-Basrah’ at a river called ‘Dijlah (Tigris),’ over which will be a bridge. It will be populous, and it will be a city belonging to the Muslims. So, when it is the end of time, Banu Qantura’ (a people with flat faces and small eyes) will come until they descend upon the banks of the river. Its people will then be divided into three groups: one group that will hold onto the tails of cattle and animals – and they will be destroyed, and a group that will only look after themselves – and they will disbelieve, and a group that will keep their children behind their backs and fight – and they will be the martyrs.”

“The Day of Resurrection will pass like the time between Dhuhr and ‘Asr for the believers.”

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