Some Words From Mullah Umar The Taliban Commander

This short but powerful statement was made at the arrival of the world invasion upon the Believers of Afghanistan. Everyone of us should think deeply and analyze these words as they have a strong affect on the hearts and minds of the true Believers living in a world of struggle and deception. May Allah strengthen us all.

…..Look, it has not happened before that Russia and America have united in their stances and goals and despite the presence of big differences between them, they and others are now united in order to fight a small state like Afganistan. But our confidence in Allah reliance and dependance on Him is great, and even if the entire world stands against us we will not comprimise on our principles or beliefs for even a moment, nor will we deviate from this march and struggle of ours, Allah willing. Because we believe in our religion and we will not comprimise on it, because to comprimise the religion is death for a Muslim. 

The real death for a Muslim is in comprimising of the religion, the scourning of it or ceasing to act according to its rules. The outward death is nothing when we compare it with religious death. If we want life, then adherence to this religion is life and if we cant have life then let us have death. Death is a cup from which everyone must drink, so every Muslim must reform himself and devote himself to the affairs of this religion, and strengthen his belief is his Lord and there he will find victory and success in this life and the next…..

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