The Great Conspiracy Against Islam

Jihad Muslims In America

Besides invading the muslim world based on lies, killing millions of muslims worldwide, funding the arab tyrants in every muslim country, detaining innocent men and women all over, ruining families and causing destruction and terror to the Ummah’ their also spending millions for Islamic schools and masjids to promote a watered down version of Islam based on nothing but falsehood. They promote deviated sects to further cause division preventing muslims from ever uniting. They have ruined the image of muslims and Islam worldwide to the nonmuslims by labeling it terrorism and this also effects the non-practicing muslims because they believe everything they hear and spread these lies about people and groups causing more confusion and problems for the Ummah and the list goes on.

They want to completely destroy the remembrance of God from the minds of people worldwide. They like to make jokes about the truth and Prophets and their is a subliminal message and objective to all of this. To make it appear as falsehood and fairy tales so that people dont ever take it seriously. They have changed all the previous books and revelations so that it is based on no action and substance. But SubhanAllah we still have the Quran and authentic Hadiths with us today so we know the truth from falsehood and good from evil. So do not let them deceive you and dont deceive yourself!

Their going to promote different groups and deviant sects and pay sheikhs off to pass fatwas for the evil rulers. Their going to attempt to change the fiqh of our deen and have their dogs promote it. Its all an effort to divide the Ummah and promote division, hatred and deviation. Their going to kill, imprison and torture and drive out all the real scholars so that their is no resistance to their evil plans. 

I advise everyone who believes in Allah to read the Quran and hadiths so that he or she will have a good understanding of the truth and how to live in this world. This book and the sayings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW should be the foundation of all our thoughts, opinions, dos and donts, etc. and complete way of life in every aspect and to not blindly follow anyone or anything without taking the time to check if what were being told is the truth or not. The words of Allah and sayings of Prophet Muhammad SAW are superior and override and dominate over any opinion, statement fact or philosophy from anyone in this world. We also want to know what Scholars/ Sheikhs are true to Allah from those who are true to their masters in the palaces, who are only slaves to their masters in the White House . Be careful, clean your heart and strive hard on the path of truth. This is the truth and the path to success.

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