The Shia: Do NOT Be Deceived!

Many muslims today think that the shia are our brothers and sisters and that we should unite and share love and affection with eachother. In short we should know and understand that shia are a deviated sect of Islam. Many are just ignorant and have no clue what they are doing of what Islam is and many are just shaytan. For the ones who are just lost with no evil intent towards Islam may Allah guide them and those who are aware may Allah destroy them. We should all know that they were the enemies of the Ummah during the time of the Caliphate of Umar, Uthman and Ali all the way up until now to this very moment. They have always been the enemies of the muslims throughout history. They use deception with the muslims while giving them the impression that they are with them and then plotting and attacking them when given the opportunity. They rebelled against the true muslims, Sahaba and later generations and until now in Iraq and elsewhere. They help the kuffar against the Ummah and they themselves openly attack and kill the brothers and sister with no remorse. They were created by a jew in the time of Rasool Allah SAW who falsely claimed to have entered into Islam but only to cause disunity between the muslims to divide them to weaken their strength as the muslim Ummah at the time were impossible to conquer. They make everything haram to be halal, they kill the muslims, commit shirk by calling on Ali and his children Hasan and Husein, believe in these infalliable 12 emams who they make duah to, claim that the Quran today isnt the real Quran, they curse the companions of our Prophet SAW, they exalt Ali to the status of Allah like the christians do with Jesus and the list goes on an on. Anyone who commits what the do or anything of what they do is a kafir and and anyone who thinks that they are muslims are lost themselves. Anyone who is an enemy of the Ummah is an enemy of Allah regaurdless what the say from their mouths. 

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