Interview With The Shaheed Mujahid Commander, Abu Umar

Our great Mujaahid Commander of Lebanon, Abu ‘Umar Al Maqdisi (aka Shehada Jawhar), has been martyred by the Apostate forces in Ain Al Hilweh. The Apostate forces ambushed him and others this Sunday morning and he died because of the wounds sustained from the clash. May Allahs wide mercy encompass him in His forgiveness and accept him amongst the Shuhada’.

Also our brother, who was a close associate of Abu Umar, Waleed Salloom, was martyred in the clash. May Allah accept him amongst the Shuhada. Who Is Abu ‘Umar? He was a steadfast Mujaahid, a pious worshiper, and a knowledgeable and useful asset for the Mujahideen. He was loved by his people and hated greatly by his enemies. He was a weapons dealer in Lebanon and benefited our Mujahideen brethren greatly from it. He later fled to Iraq after the call of the Shaykh Shaheed (inshaAllaah) Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi – may Allah accept him amongst the Shuhada for the purpose of making the word of Allah supreme and making the word of the disbelievers low and humiliated. He was an army of his own, a very agile and fit body, strong and commanding personality that had great military experience from beforehand. His knowledge of bomb making, weapons, guerrilla warfare strategies and weaknesses of the armies of the superpowers quickly made him the Ameer of military training and a respected Commander. Abu Umar said,Victory is not required from us. What is required is to be ready for a jihad in the name of Allah, ready to reinstate Islam’s rule and Muslim caliphate. It is normal, if the army shoots at us, we will shoot back at them, its normal. When Abu ‘Umar was asked if he was a “terrorist” he replied, Yes, a terrorist. What’s the problem with that? If I want to terrorize the enemies of Allah, what’s the problem with that? And when he was asked if he received death sentences, he replied, I got several death sentences and was also sentenced to life imprisonment. There’s nothing to it. What’s the problem? They can pile on as many sentences as they like. This is a sign of honor for me. MashaAllaah, this was the strength of this mans ‘Aqeedah, Yaqeen and Imaan in Allah. He was of those who feared none except his Lord, and we ask Allah for that to be so. Please do not forget him in your sincere Du’aa.

Allah has blessed him with what he was searching for.

A man who lived in obedience to Allah, Searching for the opportunity to meet Allah as a Shaheed. For years he rushed across the sands to wage Jihad, And circled the enemies of Allah. Allah accepted his effort, And has joined him with the martyrs. His wildest dreams have just come true. O’ Where are the men of this Ummah in search of similar dreams? Or are our dreams limited to the enjoyment of this life?

Also another short interview conducted by The New York Times here:

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