The Powerful Words From Umar Ibn Khattab To His General In The Time Of War

The leader of the Mu’mineen speaks to us again through the thought-provoking letter written to the leader of the Muslim army in Persia. This letter details exactly what this Ummah needs for success. This tells us how we, as Muslims can bring ourselves back from the pitfall we are in. Please don’t underestimate its importance and significance.
Diagnostic Letter From Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (RA): State of the Ummah To Sa`d Ibn Abi Waqqas
Commander of the Muslim Army in Persia.
“…Then after, I order you and all troops that are along with you to be obedient to Allah in all circumstances, as this is better than the weapons against the enemy and a strong strategem in the war.
I order you and the soldiers who are with you to be more cautious and afraid of your own crimes and sins than your enemy, as the crimes and sins of the soldiers are more dangerous to them than their enemy.
The Muslims are victorious only because their enemies are disobedient to Allah, and had it not been so, we would have no power over them, because neither our numbers is equal to their number, nor are our weapons like theirs.
If we commit crimes and sins as they do, then they will have superiority over us in power and we will not gain victory over them. We do not overpower them in strength.
And you should also know that in this marching of yours (for Allah’s Cause), there are guards (angels) upon you from Allah (to watch you) and they all know what you do.
So be shy from them and do not commit disobedience (crimes and sins) while you are going in Allah’s Cause and do not say: ‘Our enemy is worse than us, so they will not overpower us.’ Perhaps some people who are worse than the others may overpower the others as the (disbelievers) Magians overpowered the Children of Israel when they (the Latter) involved themselves with Allah’s disobedience (crimes and sins).
So they (disbelievers, Magians) entered the very innermost parts of their homes and it was a promise (completely) fulfilled. And ask Allah the assistance over your ownselves, (to save you from the crimes and sins) just as you ask Allah for the victory over your enemies.
I ask Allah that both for you and for us.”

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