The True Meaning Of Victory

This is something that many Muslims are misunderstood about or dont quite grasp the concept of, the true concept of what victory is. This goes straight to the foundation of our Aqeeda, our faith, belief etc. Many of us get caught up in this life and lose touch with reality due to living in this world of illusions because its all we see. This life here is only a short test and will end at any moment so we need to understand this following concept as it is a foundation of pure knowledge and a true concept to live by. The concept of victory. The Sahaba knew what victory was, and strived for it with their lives their property, their swords and wealth. Their lifestyle was one of that which we can say their belief in Jannah was dominant in their lives to they didnt get overwhelmed with the glitter and glamour of this world. They knew that to chase this life and allow it to enter their minds and hearts will only take them away from the true goal, get comfortable and become consumed with this dunya. 
They were elevated to a point where they were above the earth looking down, this life was nothing for them, their minds were on the Jannah’ and the unseen at all moments. They were people who were firm, steadfast, patient, people who truly understood sacrifice. Their thoughts were pure and focused and nothing could hold them back from running towards Jannah’ but today we are closer to the time of the Dajjal’ and the system of kufr dominates over us and we start to think, live and view the world they way we have been programmed to and we in turn become exactly like the kuffar, in our values, morals and thought process. In short we adopt their concepts and way of life in every aspect even down to our own thoughts and beliefs. We have lost touch of reality and our book, the Quran the only way to success. Our thoughts have to be Islamic, and the verses of Quran have to dominate over our mind so we can wake up and view the world as it is truly meant to be seen. This is the foundation, the only way to success and any other way leads to our own destruction. 

So this is where I will start. We view the world how Allah told us in the Quran and how Rasool Allah SAW taught us, and the aspect I will speak about is one of the most important ones…..the aspect of victory, since that is what we should all be striving for but if we dont understand the true nature concept of what victory is then how will achieve it because every other way is the path of deception. 
The kuffar base success on results, we can use business for example, they base their success in the results such as how much money they made etc. They dont base their success on the path they take, only on the results, this is their way. But for a believer it is different. Our success lies in following the truth and the results are up to Allah, we have no control and are not responsible for the results! We dont judge success based on the results, NO! Success is in what Allah says reguardless of the outcome. We dont go with what we see, or how things appear using our own logic. We follow our deen and leave the results/outcomes up to Allah. To name a few examples, first i will mention the people of the trench, they were believers and the king wanted to destroy all of them unless they leave their religion and worship him and his man made idols, so the people were firm and the king had them all rounded up and he had a huge ditch dug and it was filled with massive fires and he had each one of the believers thrown in one by one and they were burnt alive and were all killed! Now according to this secular worldy life we would say the king won, he had them all killed and they were no longer a threat to him and his evil kingdom and and they were all wiped out and he continued to rule over his people. 

According to this life, the king won and the believers were all killed so they lost. But Allah has said that they achieved the great success. Not just success but Allah has called it a great success! Why, because they were killed for their belief and were steadfast until the end, they never comprimised! SubhanAllah imagine the faith they must have had walking towards the pit of fire one after one! But the reward they will have with Allah is an amazing one. This is only one example and I could mention tons of them but im sure we get the point and that is, that to hold on to this deen reguardless of the outcome is success in itself and to comprimise is our true death and destruction! Were not here to please human beings and make this world our paradise, we are here to live our deen and make this life a bridge to Jannah! We dont go with our own intellect and our instinct or blindly follow what the celebrity government or satellite scholars say, true success is in what Allah says! Following this deen is victory whether you win or lose! 

It dosent matter how much money you have or how successful you appear to be in this world, if your not following the truth it is all loss! For instance a Muslim works with the kuffar or rules according to his own opinions or become rich as a result and he ends up earning the love and respect of both Muslim and non-Muslims and appears to be a great success, if he gives up by comprimising and follows their way it is a complete failure and defeat! To follow their way is to become one of them and to comprimise the deen of Allah is the spiritual and true death of a Muslim. That is part of the test, to stay true to Allah only results in pure success! 

And I will finish by mentioning the story of the Sahaba who was traveling with a few other Sahabahs and he was attacked when man stabbed him with a spear from behind that went completely through him and came out of his stomach and he looked down at it wiped some blood on his hands and smiled and said “By the Lord of the kaaba I have Won! So the brother was killed and knew that he has achieved the greatest success. He most likely saw the angels or the hoor al ayn and happiness overcame him. So the man who killed him later asked some Muslims what he meant when he said he had won, and they explained that he died a martyr and has acheived the greatest reward and after they explained that to him he became a Muslim! 

So SubhanAllah victory and success and the path to it is not in what we see or perceive, it is in staying true to Allah until we leave this life reguardless of how this world appears. We need to know the difference in what appears to be worldy success and what the eternal success is. May we all benefit, never lose hope and never give up!

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