Some Knowledge From Abdullah Azzam’s Join The Caravan Book


1. The Jihad of ordinary people is different from the Jihad of Islamic propagators.  The propagators are always few, and as a rule they are the prime of the Ummah.  They alone cannot continue a prolonged Jihad, nor are they capable of confronting nations and so the Ummah must participate with them. Any people will have many faults, so let not anybody think that an entire people is outstanding, bearing the mark of elite angels.
2. The Afghan people are like any other people in that there is ignorance and shortcomings among them, so let not anybody think that he will find an entire people without any deficiencies. However, the difference between the Afghan people and others is that the Afghans have refused disgrace in their religion and have purchased their dignity with seas of blood and mountains of corpses and lost limbs. Other nations have submitted to colonization and disbelief from the first day.

3. The Afghan nation is illiterate and has been reared only on the Hanafi school of thought. No other school of jurisprudence has co-existed with the Hanafi school in Afghanistan and thus many of them think that anything which contradicts the Hanafi school is not part of Islam. The absence of other juristic schools in Afghanistan has led to partisanship and prejudice in favor of the Hanafi school in the hearts of the Afghan people. Therefore anybody who wishes to perform Jihad with the afghans should respect the Hanafi school.

4. The Afghans are a faithful people who recognize manhood, chivalry and pride and do not appreciate trickery or hypocrisy.  When they love a person, they will give their life and soul for him and if they dislike him they will not show it at all.  A person should desist from certain actions of the prayer when he first mingles with them, in order to give himself a valuable chance of reaching their hearts so that he will be able to instruct and educate them and thus improve their worldly and religious conditions.  Imam Ahmad and Ibn Taymiyyah have given verdicts to this effect.
5. You should certainly know that the path of Jihad is long and arduous and that it is not easy for most people to remain steadfast on the journey even if they were very eager at the start.  Desires and effusive feelings for Jihad must definitely take root in the soul to enable it to bear hardships and to rear it upon difficulties and adversities.  Many youth came here zealous, but then their zeal steadily diminished until they began disputing the very ordinance of Jihad.
Allah has undertaken to support the Mujahideen, so whoever goes forth in His Path, Allah will guide him, strengthen his determination, fortify his heart and make his feet firm.
“There are three whom Allah must help: the Mujahid in the Path of Allah, the reporter (of a message) who wishes to discharge his responsibility and the one seeking marriage in order to guard his chastity.”72
Oh Allah!  You are free from all defects.  Praise be to You.  I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship other than You.  I seek Your forgiveness and turn to You in repentance.



Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.  Blessings and peace be upon the noblest of Messengers, Muhammad and upon all his family and companions. 

1. We have spoken at length about the status of Jihad today in Afghanistan, Palestine and other usurped Muslim lands of the like.  We have confirmed what has been agreed upon by the earlier (Salaf) and latter (Khalaf) generations of hadith scholars, exegeses, jurists, and scholars of religious principles (usool), namely that:

“When a span of Muslim land is occupied, Jihad becomes individually obligatory (Fard Ain) on the inhabitants of that piece of land.  The woman may go out, without her husband’s permission, with a mahram, the one in debt without the permission of the one to whom he owes, the child without his father’s permission.  If the inhabitants of that area are not sufficient in number, fall short, or are lazy, the individually obligatory nature of Jihad extends to those around them, and so on and so on until it covers the entire Earth, being individually obligatory (Fard Ain) just like Salah, Fasting and the like so that nobody may abandon it.”

2. The obligation of Jihad today remains Fard Ain until the liberation of the last piece of land which was in the hands of Muslims but has been occupied by the disbelievers.

3. Some scholars consider Jihad today in Afghanistan and Palestine to be Fard Kifayah.  We agree with them in that Jihad in Afghanistan for the Arabs was initially Fard Kifayah.  However, the Jihad is in need of men and the inhabitants of Afghanistan have not met the requirement which is to expel the disbelievers from Afghanistan.  In this case, the communal obligation (Fard Kifayah) is overturned.  It becomes individually obligatory (Fard Ain) in Afghanistan, and remains so until enough Mujahideen have gathered to expel the Communists in which case it again becomes Fard Kifayah.

4. There is no permission needed from anybody in the case of an individual obligation (Fard Ain), according to the principle, “there is no permission necessary for an individual obligation (Fard Ain)”.

5. A person who discourages people from Jihad is like the one who discourages people from Fasting.  Whoever advises an able Muslim not to go for Jihad is just like the one who advises him to eat in Ramadan while he is healthy and in residence.

  6. It is best to shun the company of those who hold back from Jihad and not to enter into arguments with them, for this would lead to idle disputation and hardening of the heart.

Sheikh-ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah says,

“And abandonment/shunning comprises: avoiding evil and evil people, and similarly shunning those who call for innovation in religion, sinful people and those who associate with such people or assist them in those endeavors. Similar is the case of the person who abandons Jihad and from whom there is no benefit in associating with, for in this case we are liable to punishment for not having helped him by co-operating in matters of righteousness and piety. The adulterers, homosexuals, those who abandon Jihad, the innovators and the alcoholics, as well as those who associate with them are a source of harm to the religion of Islam.  They will not co-operate in matters of righteousness and piety.  So whoever does not shun their company is, in fact, abandoning what he has been commanded to do and is committing a despicable deed.”

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