Saudi Arabia Secret Torture Prisons (Part 2)

ansaaar1 shamukh1 THE BRUTAL TORTURE

As a finishing point, the former Egyptian Interior Minister,
Zaki Badar, was sacked from his post because he was too
harsh and inhumane in this torture methods, and many people
died under his custody. The Saudi Interior Ministry duly hired
him and he helped to organise the various torture methods on
the brothers. He was Prince Naif’s personal advisor on how to
deal with Islamists. Praise be to Allah that he died whilst on a
recent visit to the USA.

Since being released, all the brothers have had their
passports confiscated so that they cannot travel abroad.
Furthermore, some brothers still suffer from permanent injuries
inflicted on them in Ar-Ruwais. We ask Allah to release our
brothers still inside: Hassan As-Sarehi, Muhammad Hamdi Al-
Ahdal (Abu Asim Al-Makki), Abu Ishaq Al-Makki, Abu Shaheed
Ash-Sharqi and others. Praise be to Allah, this only makes us
stronger, as Allah says in the Quran:

“Do you really think that you will enter Paradise, until Allah has
decided from amongst you, those that make Jihad and those
who are patient?” [Quran 3:142]

A Mujahid Brother


The following is a report exposing the
gruesome, brutal, immoral and satanic acts
of horrendous torture perpetrated by the
kuffaar Saudi authorities masquerading as
Muslims. This report was issued in 1998
when about 2,000 Mujahideen were held in
the torture-hell of the Saudi regime. Today
approximately 40,000 brothers including
numerous Ulama and academicians are
languishing in the most horrid and brutal
conditions for which Saudi torture
chambers have acquired infamy and
notoriety. – Report issued by Azzam
Publications of United Kingdom.


We would like to say that what you are about to read is not
a fabricated or second-hand account. This account was taken
DIRECTLY from the mouth of the brother who underwent this
torture and spoke to his brother inmates. After our last report
titled: ‘Torture in Saudi Prisons: Exclusive Report’, some
defenders of the Saudi regime stated that they did not deny the
report, but that it must have been exaggerated. This is a
stance similar to the disbelievers at the time of the Prophet
(SAWS), who said to him: “We do not say that you are a liar,
but we say that what you have brought is false.” Defenders of
the Saudi regime will nonetheless continue to make further
excuses after this second torture report and say that this is a
made-up story or that it is lies.

In the Name of ALLAH, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind

Sometime after I returned from a land of Jihad, soon after
the Hajj season, I was asked to report at the headquarters of
the Saudi Interior Ministry in my city. I was told that I was
needed for questioning for a period not exceeding two weeks. I
was then taken to the famous Ar-Ruwais Interrogation Centre
in Ar-Ruwais District, Jeddah. Unlike the Al-Hair maximum
security prison in Riyadh, where Dr. Sheikh Salman Al-Owdah
and Dr. Sheikh Safar Al-Hawali have been in detention since
September 1994 (over four years now), Ar-Ruwais
Interrogation is not publicly known by international human
rights organisations such as Amnesty International and Red
Cross. The Saudi Government continues to deny the existence
of such a place. Ar-Ruwais Interrogation Centre is also the
place where Sheikh Abu Abdul-Azeez, the initiator of the Jihad
in Bosnia was held for fifteen months (he has since been
released but is banned from leaving the country) and Abu
Abdur-Rahman Al-Sarehi, the mastermind of the famous Lion’s
Den Operation against the Soviet Army in Jaaje, Afghanistan,
1987: undoubtedly the most brilliant operation conducted by
the foreign Mujahideen against the Soviets in the ten year
Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, is still being held.

When I arrived at the prison, I was placed in a large room
with about ten other brothers. I was placed in such a room
because all the solitary confinement cells were full. I saw at
least five corridors of cells, each corridor housing about 75
brothers, totalling over 350 brothers. This was only in my
section: there are other sections to the Centre. I knew just over
half of these 350 brothers, as I met them in various lands of
Jihad. There was also one corridor specifically for women,
where mothers, sisters, daughters and wives of brothers were
housed. It is important to note that there are NO common
criminals in Ar-Ruwais. Ar-Ruwais is a special, secret
interrogation centre/ prison, specifically for ‘political prisoners’.

Prince Naif, the Saudi Interior Minister, continues to deny the
existence of political prisoners in Saudi Arabia.

I spent the first three days in this communal cell, with no
problems. After that my name was called from a list and I was
asked to follow the guards. They took me to a special room,
containing many unusual objects: this was one of the many
torture chambers in the prison. I was joined by two individuals:
one guard and one interrogator. When I said ‘Assalamualaikum’
to him, he swore at me and then he came and began
to play with my beard, making fun of it. He was clean-shaven
of course.

This interrogator spoke to me for about one hour, during which
he said the following points to me:

“We are stronger and more powerful than you. You are not
Mujahideen, you are homosexuals, you are dogs, you are

“All your affairs are in my hands. If I want, I can kill you, I can
order the guard to rape you and no-one has power to stop me
if I want to do this.”

“You came here because you did such-and-such crime and
said such-and-such thing.” even though he had no evidence
for any accusation.

After this first hour, he left and another interrogator entered the
room. He was larger and stronger than the first interrogator. He
had a large beard, a garment that was above his ankles and
clear marks of prolonged prostration on his forehead. He
handcuffed me and began to ask me some questions. For the
next two hours, he continued to ask me the same question,
whilst the soldier continued to beat me on the soles of my feet
with a baton:

“Do you believe that King Fahd is a kafir and that the Saudi
Government is a government based on kufr?”

By the end of these two hours, my feet were bleeding and had
swollen to twice their size. My toenails had come off.

They asked this question to all the brothers, so that once
the brothers sign the paper stating that they believe this, they
will pass a fatwa (religious edict) on them, stating that they are
khawaarij (dissidents), who can lawfully be killed. During these
four hours, they said and did the following things to me.

“In Islam, whatever is necessary to establish an obligation,
then that thing itself becomes an obligation. It is an obligation
upon us to protect this country, so it is permissible (Halal) for
us to commit homosexual acts upon you in order to protect this
country. We can rape you now and kill you now. We are
authorised to do so.”

He then laughed and mentioned the verse in the Quran, (Surah Ta-Ha (20),
Verse 55) jokingly:

‘From it we created you, and into it we will return you &’ citing
his evidence for raping me. It was at that moment that I vowed
to myself that if ever I saw this man outside the prison, I would
kill him and not fear the consequences.

The interrogator then proceeded to read out a list of
crimes that I was supposed to have committed. The soldier
continued to beat me to force me to confess to these crimes,
until I shouted to the interrogator:

“BY ALLAH, I did not do those things!”

The interrogator then said to me,

“Allah, leave Him to the side. This is between me and you: it
has nothing to do with Allah.“

He then threatened to rape me and tried to remove my
trousers, but I resisted. Some brothers in the prison were
stripped naked. Others saw the interrogator order the soldier to
remove his trousers and underwear as a means of threatening
them. At least one brother I know was actually raped. Other
brothers refuse to speak about this topic, due to their shame
and honour, but there were other brothers who were raped as

During the interrogation sessions, the interrogator
continued to beat me with a baton and a whip, on my face,
hands and spine. My body turned black and red due to the
beating. Six months on, I still have pains in my spine due to
this beating. They swore at me and cursed my mother.

At other times, I was ordered to stand for hours on end
and the soldiers would beat me if I tried to sit down. I know one
Algerian brother who was forced to stand for three months. He
was beaten on the soles of his feet and blood was dripping
from them. They removed his clothes and inserted a baton into
his rectum.

Another brother had his beard plucked hair by hair until
there was not a single hair left on his face. Other brothers had
pins and other sharp objects inserted into their private parts. I
saw many brothers with signs of electric torture on their bodies.
Ar-Ruwais Centre uses three types of electric torture. One
is a hand-held stun gun, another is the size of a car battery
and the third is a huge, sophisticated machine, which was
known to the interrogators as ‘Cinderella’. Cinderella is a unit
into which the entire body of the victim is inserted. His arms,
legs and waist are tied down with strong straps, whilst electric
current is applied to him. It is electronically controlled and fully
computerised. Some brothers have suffered permanent brain
damage as a result of torture in this machine.

[Note by Azzam Publications: it is important to point out that no Muslim country
has the technology to produce such a sophisticated machine.
A British company in Selly Oak, Birmingham, UK, is famous for
its custom-made 20ft and 40ft fully-equipped torture chambers,
which are sold to Muslim countries. This point was also
debated in Parliament by some British MP’s.]

I met Abu Abdur-Rahman As-Sarehi (real name Hassan
As-Sarehi) in Ar-Ruwais. As-Sarehi was one of the most
brilliant Mujahideen commanders in the Afghan Jihad. In Jaaje,
1987, the Mujahideen mounted a daring and spectacular
attack against a powerful Soviet offensive involving Land and
Air power. It was one of the most famous battles during the
whole war and, due to the high risk encountered, it was known
as the Lion’s Den Operation of Afghanistan. Many notable
Mujahideen personalities participated in this operation, such as
Usama bin Ladin, Abu Zubair Al-Madani and Sheikh Tameem
Adnani amongst many others. Sheikh Abdullah Azzam was in
the second line of the Front. The mastermind and commander
of this operation was Abu Abdur-Rahman As-Sarehi. As-Sarehi
was the teacher of Ibn-ul-Khattab (the Ameer of the Foreign
Mujahideen in Chechnya) and taught Ibn-ul-Khattab much of
what he knew, from the time he came to Afghanistan as a
young teenager, until he left for Tajikistan, as a brilliant

After the explosion of the US Army base in Riyadh, the
Saudi Government requested the Pakistani Government to
extradite As-Sarehi, as he was living in Peshawar at the time.
They accused As-Sarehi of involvement in this explosion,
though without a shred of evidence. The Pakistani Government
agreed to hand over As-Sarehi to the Saudi Government in
return for two of the topmost Pakistani drug smugglers
imprisoned in Saudi Arabia and awaiting execution. After four
brothers were executed in Saudi Arabia for allegedly plotting
the Riyadh explosion, the Saudi Government should have
released Hassan As-Sarehi, but they continued to detain him.
He has now been in prison for over three years and the
following things have been done to him:

His neck was stretched away from his body so that it is
permanently disabled. He can no longer turn his neck from
side to side. He has been stripped naked and made to stand
for weeks on end. He was subjected to electric torture from all
the three types of electric torture equipment, including
‘Cinderella’. He has been denied visits from his family. His
body has become very weak now and his face is disfigured,
like someone who has undergone severe physical and mental

In the midst of all this torture, As-Sarehi told his

“Bring me a sheet of paper and I will sign it
confessing to every single crime that you accuse me of. I killed
President Kennedy, I killed King Faisal, I carried out the
Riyadh and Al-Khobar Explosions, anything you want.” His
interrogators replied that that was not good enough; they
wanted to know how he done it. He replied to them “I am telling
you, I did not do these crimes, so how can I tell you how I did

I saw another brother in prison, Abu Asim Al-Makki
(Muhammad Hamdi Al-Ahdal), who was famous for his heroic
feats in the famous Battle for Tishin, Bosnia, in 1992. In this
operation, he lost one leg and has been paralysed in one arm
ever since. Abu Asim, who is already disabled, was beaten
with shoes on his face. The interrogators beat him with baton
on his disabled limbs and spat in his face. His face also looks
like he has undergone severe physical and mental torture.

Another brother famous for heroic feats in Afghanistan,
Abu Ishaq Al-Makki was in Yemen. Prince Naif (the Saudi
Interior Minister) travelled to Yemen and took this brother back
in his own plane. He has been tortured severely in prison,
stripped naked and beaten.

One night whilst I was in prison, and the conditions were
extremely tough upon the brothers, I met one of the brothers
who saw a dream before Salat-ul-Fajr one night. He saw the
Messenger of Allah (SAWS) and the Messenger (SAWS) said
to him:

“Inform the brothers on my behalf, that the angels are
competing amongst themselves in writing down their rewards.”

This dream of the brother brought some relief and
encouragement to the rest of the brothers. However, we did
not say who had this dream, else that brother would be
tortured for having the dream in the first place.

In Ar-Ruwais, we were not allowed to supplicate to Allah
(make dua) with our hands outstretched. Perhaps the
interrogators knew in the bottom of their hearts the hadith of
the Prophet (SAWS) that

“there is no veil between Allah and the supplication of the oppressed one.”
We had to urinate in one litre bottles infront of the other brothers and attend
to other needs in public as well.

The interrogators constantly swore at and abused those
working for Islam, amongst the scholars, Mujahideen and
callers to Islam. They said that Sheikhs Salman Al-Owdah and
Safar Al-Hawali (in Al-Hair Prison, Riyadh, since September
1994) were khawaarij (dissidents) and kafirs (disbelievers).

There was one separate wing of Ar-Ruwais just for
women. Here, they would keep the wives, daughters, mothers
and sisters of the brothers. They brought the wives of one of
the brothers and threatened to rape her unless the brother
confessed to the crimes that they were accusing him of. The
brother duly signed anything they asked him to. One brother
escaped the country before he was arrested, so the Saudi
Interior Ministry imprisoned seven women members of his
family, for eight months, as a ploy to ask the brother to return.

It was common for them to strip brothers naked and make fun
of their privates. All this is from the country that calls itself
Balad-ut-Tawheed (The Land of Tawheed) and whose ruler
calls himself Khadim-ul-Haramain Ash-Sharifain (The
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques).

The names of some of the torturers at Ar-Ruwais are:

Adnan Filimblaan (he was the worst)
Talib Ad-Dhabbaagh Al-Qusayfaan (I cannot remember his first name)
Ghazi Al-Judaibi Al-Zagzoug (he was the Head of Ar-Ruwais Prison, who is
known to grovel to the Interior Minister, Prince Naif)

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