Exposing The Munafiqeen Hypocrites In Syria Part 1

The date is November the 22nd 2013 6 groups merge & creates a new group called “al Jabhat al Islamiyyah / The Islamic Frontsahwat murtadeen islamic army syria ansaaar1

The groups that is participating are: Ansar al Sham, Liwa Haqq, Ahrar Sham, Liwa Tawhid, Suqour ash Sham, Jaish al Islamsahwat murtadeen islamic army syria 2 ansaaar1

Al-Qaida’s response to this newly formed group:

Ayman Zawahiri sent a letter to Jowlani and ordered him and the whole Jabhat Al Nusra to join The Islamic Front.

Abu Samir al Jordani former member of Jowlani’s shura council said that Jowlani disobeyed because of “Zahran Alloush & his Army of Islam” and would only join if they leave.

Shaykh Suleiman al Alwan (may Allah hasten his release) who was a fan of Ahrar ash Sham, as all was before the sahwa, warned Ahrar al Sham leader not to join or be a part of this new formed group & threatened he would record a statement against them if they did.

And his reason was: Zahran Alloush.(watch “Ahrar al-Sham Betrayed Sh. Sulayman al-Alwan Twice”)

Ahrar did join The Islamic Front regardless of Alwans threats and his statements never got recorded, why? Because he was imprisoned by the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Now why would KSA do that? Because when The Islamic Front was created, 70 “shuyukh” & “students of ilm” backed this group & called for everyone to join it, what good is there in ‘ulama’ from KSA favoring a group except that the crusaders will follow? KSA knows Alwan is a very influential man on jihadist youths and he threatened this plan of sahwat, he also refused to take back his takfir on the Saudi government, that’s why they imprisoned him. (List of those Shuyukh). Back then this was not a problem, because the enemy was still the regime, so everyone hid this under the table.

2014-01-04 the date ALL sahwat supporters have deleted from their calendars & minds

The fourth of January The ‘Islamic’ Front backstabbed Dawlah in Halab/Aleppo and Idlib.

They also attacked the Islamic State in Raqqah the same day. In the first week 500-1000 brothers from IS got shahada including Abu Usama al Maghribi.

In February Jabhat Al Nusra joins the ‘Islamic’ Front & fights & drives the Islaimic State out of Deir ez Zour.

After these events they spread lies that the Islamic State refused Allah’s judgment. The Sahwat had conditions & the IS had conditions:

Sahwats condition was that IS leaves Syria & goes back to Iraq

The Islamic States condition was that the court they would be judged in should openly make baraa & do takfir on tawaghit, you would think: that’s not so demanding right? But it is, for them it is because today it is clear that the sahwat do not make kufr bi taghut.

IS also called the sahwat to a joint court, like how Ali and Muawiya settled their dispute.

(See more in: http://justpaste.it/court)

Now the condition put by Sahwat was not allowed in Shariah, because it’s not allowed to leave a single inch of land where Shariah is being ruled with so that it would be changed by Sahwat/FSA. And since that day & even before that day, until today the Sahwat & their allies are yet to implement the Shariah.sahwat murtadeen islamic army syria 3 ansaaar1

Hassan Abboud, The former amir of Ahrar Al Sham came out on Al-Jazeera, The Sahwat & their allies favorite news channel, and said that they were the first one to fight Dawlah & follow them in all of the provinces.

Translation from a Ahrar fighter: “I am from Ahrar al Sham & we are the one who first began the fighting, I swear by Allah and i am ready for a mubahala.
CNN: FSA were the ones that started the fight against “daesh”

Some kufr statements from sahwat frontsahwat murtadeen islamic army syria 4 ansaaar1

Abu Eesa, a leader of The ‘Islamic’ Front & the leader of Suqor ash Sham says they bless any state, even if it was a secular or democratic state.

Zahran Alloush says if the regime falls, they will let the people of Syria choose the state they want, he further says that they do not want to impose power on minorities which can be interpreted in many ways.

Abdelaziz Salameh, leader of Liwa ‘Tawhid’ and part of The ‘Islamic’ Front asks USA for weapons against the Islamic State like they supported the apostates kurds in Iraq against Dawlah

Now fast forward to May, 2015sahwat murtadeen islamic army syria 5 ansaaar1

From left to right: • Abu Jaber Leader of Ahrar sham • Zahran Alloush Leader of Jaish al ‘Islam’ • Abu Eesa Leader of Suqour ash Sham.

Sahwat in costumes visit Turkey, the purpose of their visit was exposed in July/August. The 23rd of July, 2015 Turkey decides to participate in the war against the Islamic State and Turkey is NATO & NATO is USA & USA is Shaytaaaaan.

The first one (surprise surprise) to make a statement to the secular Turks & support them & aid them over the Islamic State was Army of ‘Islam’, Zahran Alloushahrar al sham sahwat murtadeen islamic army syria  ansaaar1

The second ones to make a statement to Turkey that they will support & aid against the Islamic State are Ahrar ash Sham

Praise Allah for guiding you not to follow the ‘ulema’ blindly & take them as Lords beside Allah. Praise Allah for guiding you not to be fooled by their positions & reputations.

The so called ‘Majlis shura ahl al ilm fi sham’ has made Halal what Allah has made KUFR.

O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are in fact allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you – then indeed, he is one of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people. [5:51]

Click here to read the response to their fatwa by Sh Hussein bin Mahmoodmap of syria 2013 islamic state

 [A Map showing the situation in Sham 2013]map of syria 2015 islamic state

[A Map showing the situation in Sham 2015]

I will let the images of the maps speak for themselves

This was sahwats punishment Only By Allying With The FSA (Free Syrian Army) against the mujahidin, now imagine what Allah will DO TO THEM for Allying With Turkey/NATO/USA?

Allah gives victory to His soldiers who implement His shariah on every land they get a hold of, wherever they go, shariah, honor, dignity and victory for the believers will follow.

Subhan Allah, imagine how the map would look in 2017 and the fighting has just began.

Exposing The Munafiqeen Hypocrites In Syria Part 2

The date is December the 25th, 2014, 5 groups merge & create a new group called “al-Jabhat al Shamiya” / The Sham/Levant Front.sahwat murtadeen ahrar al sham ansaaar1

The groups that are participating are: Army of Mujahedin, Islamic Front (See Part one), Fastaqim Kama Umirt,  Authenticity and Development Front & Harakat Nour al Din al Zenki.

Lets rewind the date to 2014-01-03 the day before the Sahwa “Awakening”

Army of Mujahedin releases a statement waging war on the Islamic State, the groups included are some FSA groups & future Levant Front groups, Zinki Movement & Fastaqim Kama Umirtsahwat murtadeen ahrar al sham statement ansaaar1

As i mentioned in part one, Islamic Front was also part of the ‘Awakening’ war, that counts up to four groups of the Levant Front that participated in the Sahwa war.

Harakat Nour al Din al Zenki

The strongest group in Aleppo because of the weapon supplies they receive from USA. They are not shy to put their TOWs on show.

Zinki movement said in late 2014 that they are working with the coalition for the benefit of the syrian people.

The leader of Zinki says the goal of this coalition (USA, UK, Qatar, UEA, KSA, Jordan, Turkey & 50 other kufr countries) is to bring down Assad & the state of Baghdadi.

Authenticity and Development Front

This group is extremely loyal to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (who was part of the US coalition long before their war on the Islamic State. The drone that killed Anwar al Awlaki took off from Saudi Arabia, they have been part of the war against Shaykh Osama Bin Laden as well)

When King Kong of Saudi died, the ADF group released a statement mourning him, may Allah raise them with him and make their destination the same as the murtadd king.sahwat murtadeen ahrar al sham 3 ansaaar1

Levant Front

The date is 5th April 2015, do you know what day that is? It is the day of Easter, the day where the mushrikeen celebrates the “resurrection” of Jesus a day they remind themselves of the power of “the son of God”

Any believer would disassociate himself from those who celebrate a day like that, especially when that day is present.

Instead Levant Front knocks on the door of the christians with gifts, eggs, which is a symbol of the “empty tomb of Jesus”. Levant front addresses the christians as brothers and congratulates & ARE HAPPY FOR THEM on this shirk day, they day the christians reminds themselves of something Allah SWT said in the noble Quran:

And they say, “The Most Merciful has taken [for Himself] a son.”  You have done an atrocious thing. The heavens almost rupture therefrom and the earth splits open and the mountains collapse in devastation. That they attribute to the Most Merciful a son. And it is not appropriate for the Most Merciful that He should take a son. {19:88-92}

US backed Hazm movement, after dissolving joined Levant Front.

Geneva I & II

The principles of Geneva I & II:

  • End the violence
    ● Work on a political solution & negotiation between Rebels & the Regime
    ● The issuance of a constitutional declaration & form a fully fledged government
    ● Have parliament & presidential elections with the supervision of United Nations
    ● Advocate the principles in the international Geneva I conference
    ● Undergo relief work immediately
    ● Returning to normal life for all refugees & displaced individuals
    ● The commitment to the unity of Syria, unity of land, people & equality between all Syrians
    ● Establish a political regime that respects human rights & their freedom (the freedom to apostate from your religion freely)

Levant Front says that the rebels (and themselves) have agreed upon Geneva I & II decisions

They also thank the coalition which they address as “friends”, Saudia, Qatar, Turkey & all other countries.

YPG & Levant Front

The 5th of February 2015, Levant Front agreed to make an alliance with the YPG.ypg pkk levant front sahwat truce

The three points in the statement:

  1. Unifying the executive authorities of both parties to include all courts & to rule with the Sharia of Allah
  2. Open an office in dawah and sharia purpose for both parties and follow up on the issues of mosques, including the Friday prayer in Aleppo, Arifin and its surrounding villages
  3. Pursuing the corrupters (the Islamic State & the Syrian Regime)  wherever they are & making them face trial in order to give back the rights to their people. And to ensure that there is safety and security in the liberated areas that these that have signed this agreement have been part of. By the way, theYPG are atheists.

Turkey declares war on the Islamic State

Just like their sahwat brothers from the ‘Islamic’ Front, the Levant Front hurried to show their full support not only to the secular attaturks, but to the other coalition countries as well, on their war against the Islamic State.sahwat turkey war against islamic state

Now what the sahwat & their ‘ulema’ wants you to believe, who only the blind followers & the simple minded ignorant fools would believe, is that they are only SEEKING AID from Turkey against the transgressors/oppressors, only a very small percentage of the ulema has allowed this, but those who allowed it put forth conditions:

  1. You need to have the upper-hand over the kuffar you are SEEKING AID from military.
  2. The goal needs to be Sharia.
  3. They can’t have their own flag/raise their flag.

The sahwat does not meet ANY of the conditions. Because firstly they do not have the military upper-hand over Turkey & secondly they do not seek to implement Sharia because the area liberated from Dawlah is to be made into a “safe zone” a plan put forth byUSA, and thirdly Turkey raise & have their own secular/nationalistic flag.

More importantly, this is NOT an issue of SEEKING AID

This is from Ahrars official statements viewing this as an alliance & not seeking help. They see Turkey as the most important ally of the Syrian revolution.

If it was, then Turkey would have declared war on Dawlah on behalf of the sahwat like sahwat claim it to be. To seek aid, the second party has to accept your request to aid you.

Turkey waged war on Dawlah ONLY BECAUSE USA ORDERED IT, and Turkey only obeyed because they say “La ilaha illa Amrika” & surrendered to their will & plans to drive out Dawlah, for the moment, only in north of Syria & later in time, from the face of the earth, we seek refuge in Allah from that to happen & may Allah protect the Islamic State & give them victory over the enemies of Allah.

So however you look at it, the sahwat IS THE ONE HELPING the kuffar of Attaturks over MUSLIMS & NOT SEEKING AID FROM THEM.

And it is IJMA’ (consensus) of the sahaba & ALL the ulema that the one who aids a kufr nation over Muslims, whether the muslims are khawarij, bughat or ghulat, then he is a kafir, murtadd.

Ibn Hazm (ر) said after quoting this ayah (5:51),

“If you give them a cup of water you are a kafir.”

Ibn Taymiyyah (ر) said:

“Anybody who supports the kuffar on their kufr or against Muslims, they are kafir.”

And lets not forget to quote the leader of the mujahedeen of this era, sheikh Usama bin Laden (ر):

“If you support the kuffar only with a word then you have committed riddah(appostasy).”

The Issue of Jabhat al Nusra In This Soupmaqdisi qatada jabhat nusra syria fatwa islamic state ansaaar1

It’s these filthy sahwat that Maqdisi & Abu Qatada along with 7 other “ulema” issued a fatwa that everyone is obliged to protect & call them “mujahideen” after the Islamic State made a huge offensive on them in Sawran north of Aleppo.

The Islamic State burns the flag of Levant Front in Sawran BEFORE the misguided ulema issue a fatwa to attack them & defend the “mujahideen brothers” of Levant Front

Dawlah sent a martyrdom operation to a headquarters of the Levant Front, everyone was surprised, that a Nusra commander was among the cassualties, may Allah judge him accordingly.

Levant Front confirms that Jabhat Al Nusra Front surrenders ALL their fronts in north Syria to them, so that they can aid Turkey in their war against the Islamic State for their own benefits. Remember what Ibn Hazm (ر) said about a cup of water, well here we have Jabhat Al Nusra handing over whole headquarters to aid their kufr.

Dawlah made an offensive & took over Talalain from Levant Front. Now Jabhat Al Nusra said they retreated from all the fronts claiming it is impermissible to participate in this war & they called the rebels aiding Turkey “the ground troops of the Coalition” and attacked the Islamic State after they took over Talalain.

They lied, surprised? No.

Even if Jabhat Al Nusra officially said it is impermissible, one of Nusra Fronts main sharai judges, Abu Hassan al Kuwaiti said it is permissible

I will finish this with a reminder that Turkey’s war on the Islamic State is in reality America’s war against the Khilafah and anyone who supports them in any shape or form is a kafir. And that Turkey and its President Erdogan is a kufr nation.

Words from their own leaders – http://justpaste.it/turkeykufr.

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The Misleading Scholars Al Maqdisi & Abu Qatada_The Islamic State

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New Speech From Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al Adnani “O Our People Respond to the Caller of Allah”

Islamic State Internet Jihad Ansaaar1All praise is due to Allah, the Strong and Mighty. And may blessings and peace be upon the one sent with the sword as a mercy to all the worlds.As for what follows: Allah (‘azza wa jall) said,

{O you who have believed, whoever of you should revert from his religion, Allah will bring forth in place of them a people He will love and who will love Him who are humble toward the believers, powerful against the kāfirīn; they perform jihād for the cause of Allah and do not fear the blame of a critic. That is the favor of Allah; He bestows it upon whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing} [Al-Mā’idah: 54].

And He (subhānah) said {O you who have believed, fight those adjacent to you of the kuffār and let them find in you harshness} [At-Tawbah: 123].

And He (subhānah) said {Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah; and those with him are forceful against the kuffār, merciful among themselves} [Al-Fath: 29].

And He (subhānah) said {There has already been for you an excellent example in Ibrāhīm and those with him, when they said to their people, “Indeed, we are disassociated from you and from whatever you worship other than Allah. We have denied you, and there has appeared between us and you animosity and hatred forever until you believe in Allah alone”} [Al-Mumtahinah: 4].

Indeed, amongst the traits of Allah’s slaves, the mujāhidīn for His cause, whom He favored with His love towards them and their love towards Him, those He selects from His creation to establish His rule and govern with His Sharī’ah is that they are mighty against the kuffār, supreme, and defiant. They are supreme by their creed and tawhīd, not through themselves. They are defiant by their certainty that victory, strength, and triumph are for them by the grace of Allah, not by their weapons nor their numbers.

They go on with what their Lord has ordered them, not fearing the blame of the people, because the Lord of the people loves them. They are not concerned of how many of the people’s laws, traditions, and customs they oppose for the sake of Allah’s order. They don’t fear any catastrophes, no matter how much the people gather together against them, because Allah is with them. They are severe and harsh against the kuffār like the beast on its prey.

Those whom Allah (tabāraka wa ta’ālā) has chosen, selected, and bestowed His grace upon so that they establish His religion and impose His rule, disassociate from the kuffār, break off from them, and announce animosity and hatred towards them. They don’t ally with them and don’t compromise for them. They don’t live amongst them and sit in their shades. They don’t appease them even if they are their family, tribe, or people. This is the condition of those who establish Allah’s Sharī’ah. They don’t change no matter what disturbs them in their long path of trials and tribulations.

We see in these years of deception those who claim jihād and the struggle to support Allah’s religion and establish His Sharī’ah, while they deviated from the path of the Prophets. They have sought a guidance other than the guidance of our Prophet (sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and his noble Companions. You will see him fearing the days of defeat. He fears the blame of the public. He flatters the kuffār and compromises for them. He acts out for them and appeases them. Rather, he allies with them, defends them, and shows affection towards them.

You will see him hastening to build a relationship with them, by sweet-talking them and by rushing to open offices amongst them and under their rule, hoping to gain from them and to avoid their harm. You will see him pleading and begging for their help, aid, and support.

Whereas the Islamic State has known the path of honor, the path of our Prophet Muhammad (sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam). It followed his footsteps and held on to his guidance. It will not change nor deviate from it, inshā’allāh.

We will continue on our path, with Allah’s permission. We do not fear the blame of the blamers. We do not care even if the people attack us all from a single bow and no matter how many nations rush against us or how many swords strike us. We do not care. Even if the donkeys of knowledge stumble in the mud, it will not harm us, with Allah’s permission, because we are upon insight from our Lord. We didn’t bring anything from ourselves nor did we do anything more than holding on to the Book of our Lord and the Sunnah of our Prophet (sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

O Muslims everywhere, we congratulate you on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadān arriving. We praise Allah for making us reach this significant month. Take advantage of this great opportunity, O slaves of Allah, hasten towards righteous deeds and search for the best of them. And the best of the deeds to draw closer to Allah is jihād. So hasten towards it. Aspire to battle in this noble month and to attain shahādah in it, because a voluntary act in this month is equal to an obligatory act in the rest of the months, and an obligatory act is increased tenfold.

So the wise and intelligent is the one who aspires to continue jihād and battling in Ramadān. No acts of worship are equal to jihād. And jihād in Ramadān is not matched by jihād in other months. So glad tidings to the one who spends Ramadān as a fighter for the cause of Allah, and glad tidings to the one whom Allah selects in this blessed month and accepts as a shahīd. Allah may increase the reward of a shahīd tenfold in Ramadān in comparison to other months. So, O Muslims embark and hasten towards jihād. And O mujāhidīn everywhere, rush and move to make Ramadān a month of disasters for the kuffār.

O Ahlus-Sunnah everywhere and we specially mention those in Iraq, you have begun to experience with the Rāfidah a reality that we had warned you about in the past. You have begun to live it as a reality and witness it with the eye of certainty, in Baghdad, Dayālā, al-Anbār, Karkūk, and Salahuddīn. You are not unaware of the abductions, murders, eviction of Ahlus-Sunnah every day in Baghdad. A Sunnī has no courage to reveal his religion there, nor is it possible for him to enter it. Who among you is able to name his son ‘Umar, ‘Uthmān, or Mu’āwiyah? Who among you can enter Baghdad today? The Rāfidah do not allow a Sunnī to enter Baghdad. Rather they don’t even allow those falsely considered as “Sunnī” to enter it. They don’t allow their servants, their followers, and their dogs from among the apostates of the Sahwāt, police, and army to enter it, for the reason that they are assumed to be from Ahlus-Sunnah by name, despite their long term services for them, despite their devotion to defend them, despite them being Safawī more than the Safawiyyīn themselves.

Ask about the apostate Sunnī officer from al-Anbār who was a boot of the Safawiyyīn, and was defending them against the mujāhidīn. His condition didn’t help him with the Rāfidah. When he fled from the mujāhidīn to Baghdad, the Rāfidah stopped him at the entrance of the city and bargained for his daughters, and it was a shock that awakened him and turned him away from his deviance. He then returned to al-Anbār, to the mujāhidīn, repenting.

The Rāfidah will never show mercy towards Ahlus-Sunnah if they gain control over them. How could they show them mercy? While they believe killing the Sunnī draws them closer to their false “gods,” even if this “Sunnī” fully abandoned his religion and only carried its name, and even if he was a servant or a slave for them who was devoted to serving and defending them.
And we do not speak to you today about an expected future, but we speak to you about facts you came to live with certainty. As soon as the Rāfidī Mobilization entered al-‘Āmiriyyah, it started assaulting the bases of the Sahwāt, the Sahwāt of treason and betrayal. As soon as the Rāfidī Mobilization entered ad-Dulū’iyyah; they prevented the Friday prayer. And you saw what they did in Dayālā, Salāhuddīn, and al-Anbār of burning down masājid and blowing them up, as well as the killing, slaughter, burning, and eviction of Ahlus-Sunnah, looting their wealth and pillaging their properties. You came to live these facts with certainty, O Ahlus-Sunnah.

Has the news of the jewelers and money-changers reached you, those who were abducted in Sāmarrā’ and then returned as motionless corpses? Have you forgotten the recent incident of al-A’dhamiyyah and the shouts of the Rāfidah there and what they proclaimed against you when they burned your homes and cars? Do you not hear them threatening you every day, O people of al-Anbār, describing you as “the head of the snake,” and intimidating you? O Ahlus-Sunnah, do you not see thousands and thousands of your people succumbing to the prisons of South Baghdad? Do you not know that amongst them are 1300 of the chaste, pure women? And this is only what has been made public and has been documented.

O Ahlus-Sunnah everywhere, the Crusaders resolved to clear Iraq of Ahlus-Sunnah completely and to make it purely Rāfidī. So wake up, O Ahlus-Sunnah everywhere, because the matter is serious! The Rāfidah have unveiled their true face. The extent of their enmity and animosity against you has become apparent to you, and the Crusaders’ enmity and animosity against you is not less than that of the Rāfidah. {Neither those who disbelieve from the People of the Scripture nor the mushrikīn wish that any good should be sent down to you from your Lord} [Al-Baqarah: 105]. {And they will continue to fight you until they turn you back from your religion if they are able} [Al-Baqarah: 217].

Indeed, by Allah’s grace, the Crusaders lost hope of extinguishing the jihād in Iraq. They were unable to distance Ahlus-Sunnah from the mujāhidīn and they were unable to recruit them via what is referred to as the political process. Thus, the Crusaders lost this battle and Ahlus-Sunnah generally began rallying around the mujāhidīn. The Jews were frightened and alarmed by the daily bay’āt of the tribal leaders and dignitaries to the mujāhidīn.

They therefore decided to sell Iraq to the Rāfidah, Iran, and the atheists of the Kurds so that they may carry out the killing, incarceration, and eviction of Ahlus-Sunnah. This is a fact that has become as clear as the sun at noontime and this is the Crusaders’ true strategy in their war against the Khilāfah. Thus – with a fatwā of the accursed, filthy as-Sistānī, the muftī of the Crusaders – the creation of the Rāfidī Mobilization was completed, and it was trained and armed within a short period, and also fully supplied and provided with Crusader air cover. The door was opened wide for the Rāfidah to come from all countries. They formed the brigades, militias, parties, and groups, and even opened for every party – nay, every brigade – a satellite channel that broadcasts for it.

While in contrast, we see the apostates of Ahlus-Sunnah complaining to the Crusaders and kissing their feet so that they may arm them, all to no avail. The Rāfidah-controlled areas are gradually being cleared of Ahlus-Sunnah by killing, incarcerating, and evicting them. There are arrests of hundreds of them every day and the displaced people of Ahlus-Sunnah are not given permission to return to their houses in the areas which the Rāfidah take. Who has returned to Dayālā or Tikrīt? Who has returned to Jurf as-Sakhr or al-Kar’ūl, or al-‘Uwaysāt, or any other places? The displaced people of Ahlus-Sunnah are not given permission to enter any area that is controlled by the Rāfidah, especially the people of al-Anbār – and whoever of them managed to enter Baghdad is pursued and raided, to be killed, incarcerated, or evicted. Do you not read the signboards in Baghdad on which are written: “Whoever shelters a displaced person from al-Anbār is a terrorist.”

Thus, the displaced ones from the people of al-Anbār were abandoned outdoors, with the desert heat burning them, and some of them refuse even until now to return to their people and their religion. They suffer pain and drink from the cup of humiliation, and there is no power nor might except with Allah! And we did not wrong them, but they wronged themselves.

This is nothing but the result of their abandonment of jihād and the loyalty of some of their sons to the Rāfidah and the Crusaders as well as these sons joining of the Sahwāt and the Safawī army, seeking glory with them. So Allah humiliated them. {And he whom Allah humiliates – for him there is no bestower of honor} [Al-Hajj: 18]. And this is also confirmation of the hadīth of Allah’s Messenger (sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam), “When you trade in ‘īnah (a form of usury), cling to the tails of cows, and abandon jihād, Allah will bestow upon you a humiliation which He won’t lift until you return to your religion.” O people of al-Anbār, return to your houses and return to your people. Return to your religion!

And because the situation has reached this point and perhaps the murtaddīn from amongst those claiming to be Sunnī now know the reality of the Rāfidah, we say: It has reached us that many of them are determined to flee from the anvil of the Rāfidah, but are unable to do so due to their fear of our hammer. And for the purpose of being excused in front of Allah and then in front of the Muslims, and in response from Amīrul-Mu’minīn to the appeals of the leaders and dignitaries of the tribes, we hereby give the Sahwāt and those remaining with the Rāfidah – in the army and police – one final opportunity, and call them once more to repent. This is for all of them without exception, for we do not exclude officers or criminals, and we do not stipulate anything on them other than to surrender their weapons as a sign of their truthfulness.
We do not exclude anyone from having their repentance accepted this time, not even the Jaghāyifah clan in Hadīthah who have repeatedly apostatized, and this despite the fact that we are speaking from a position of strength and currently have Hadīthah under siege and may enter it at any moment. This is a precious opportunity for you and for all apostates, so seize it and repent in this virtuous month. Perhaps Allah will turn to you in forgiveness.

And if Allah bestows His grace upon us and we enter Hadīthah before you repent, then I swear that we will make you an example for generations to come, such that people will pass by Hadīthah and say, “There used to be a clan called Jaghāyifah here and homes that belonged to the Jaghāyifah.”

We likewise renew our call to the soldiers of the factions in Shām and Libya. We call on them to think long before embarking to fight the Islamic State, which rules by that which Allah revealed. Remember, O you afflicted by fitnah, before embarking to fight the Islamic State, that there is no place on the face of the Earth where the Sharī’ah of Allah is implemented and the rule is entirely for Allah except for the lands of the Islamic State. Remember that if you were able to capture one hand span, one village, or one city from it, the rule of Allah in that area would be replaced with the rule of man. Then ask yourself, “What is the ruling on someone who replaces or is a cause for the replacement of the rule of Allah with the rule of man?” Yes, you become a disbeliever because of that. So beware, for by fighting the Islamic State you fall into kufr whether you realize it or not.

Then think of all the pretexts that the callers upon the gates of Hell are using to get you to fight the Islamic State. You will find that they are all false pretexts. So think and reflect, O soldier afflicted by fitnah, and look with the eye of impartiality, not with the eye of a biased faction. Look with the perspective of the Sharī’ah and the evidence, and then don’t turn to the fatāwā of the donkeys of knowledge who’ve stumbled and fallen in trash. Do not let their famous reputations deceive you, even if they have a long history of writing and authorship, for they neither left the laps of the tawāghīt, nor marched forth to jihād. They spent their entire lives remaining behind with the women in their rooms, hunting the slip-ups and mistakes of the mujāhidīn. If they perform ribāt, their ribāt is on the frontiers of Twitter, and if they take part in battle, their battle is in the form of an interview on satellite TV. They have never fired a single bullet for the cause of Allah, nor have they witnessed a single scene or episode on the battlefield with the mujāhidīn.

It may be that if one of them wanted to join a faction, they would not accept him. And if he were accepted, he would not remain long before either he discarded them or they discarded him. It may be that if he were to contemplate, he would discover that his arrogance is what prevents him from marching forth, for his inner self would not obey him with regards to placing himself under the authority of any leader. It may be that he has never considered taking part in battle and will never consider doing so.

And after all that, even as a sinner sitting back from jihād, he wants to make himself out to be an authority for jihād and the mujāhidīn. Never!

I am from amongst those least in need of a pretender, who considers the people misguided while he himself is not guided.

When you attempt to lead the truth with falsehood it refuses, and if you were to lead the firmly anchored mountains with the truth they would submit. [Poetry]

O soldier afflicted by fitnah, be careful whom you take your religion from, and repent to your Lord so that perhaps He may have mercy on you and guide you. Furthermore, have you not taken a lesson, O factions and Sahwāt? Have you not taken a lesson from your predecessors’ fight against the Islamic State ten years ago? Where are the factions that fought the Islamic State? Where are the Sahwāt? Have you not taken a lesson, O factions of Libya? Have you not taken a lesson, O Sahwāt of Darnah? Have you not taken a lesson, O factions of Khurāsān? What will you gain from fighting the Islamic State? Does one of you desire to dig his grave with his own hands, or wish to have his head cut off, or his house demolished? What will you gain from fighting the Islamic State, O factions? Do you think that you will be able to eradicate it? Do you think that you are stronger in might than the Sahwāt of Iraq backed by America and its allies? Will you not take a lesson from the factions of Shām and their Sahwāt?

Stop your war against the Islamic State, O factions everywhere, and repent to your Lord. Do not stand between it and the Jews, the Crusaders, and the tawāghīt. As for he who insists on fighting it, let him not wail thereafter, or slap himself in grief, nor blame anyone but himself.

O Ahlus-Sunnah everywhere, and specifically our people in Jordan, Bilād al-Haramayn, and Lebanon, if you do not rush to help the people of the Sunnah in Iraq and Shām, then rush to help yourselves. Do not let your condition become like the condition of the one who said, “I was eaten the day that the white bull was eaten.” And if your īmān has become weak, your religious adherence has decreased, your resolve has failed, and you have left off and abstained from jihād, then do not let your honor and manhood die, for how can you enjoy life and live in pleasure in your homes while your brothers from Ahlus-Sunnah are being butchered and driven out of their lands, and their homes are being destroyed, their wealth is being looted, and their women are being violated? And this was not done except with Crusader planes that take off from within your midst, are financed by your wealth, and are fueled by your oil.

May Allah’s curse be upon your rulers! And may Allah’s curse be upon those of you who ally with them and support them! May Allah’s curse be upon the evil scholars, the donkeys of knowledge who drug you to sleep with their fatāwā, supporting the tawāghīt and consolidating their thrones. Wake up, O Ahlus-Sunnah in Lebanon, Jordan, and Bilād al-Haramayn! Rise up against your corrupt kāfir rulers. Rise up against them before you become regretful when regret does not benefit you. Do not sleep away, as the people of Yemen kept sleeping until its tāghūt kindled the fire of the Rāfidah in every part of the land, and then you race to extinguish it when it has already surrounded you and are thus incapable.

I see a fire being ignited from afar, whose rays extend to every region.

Banī ‘Abbās slept in its wake, so it became secure and nurtured.

Banī Umayyah likewise slept, and then raced to drive it back when it was too late. [Poetry]

O our people in Lebanon, Jordan, and Bilād al-Haramayn, we have warned you for years. The Rāfidah are advancing towards you. And your war with them is undoubtedly approaching, so you either march forth for it now and drive it back, or remain asleep and wake up to what the people of Iraq, Shām, and Yemen awoke to of killing, imprisonment, exile, the destruction of their homes, the looting of their wealth, and the violation of their women.

O you who sees the condition of Shām and weeps. What has affected you and what are you waiting for?

If the people are alarmed at what occurred in Bardā, then what is at the Euphrates and the two shores of the Tigris is amazing.

I see blood flowing along their banks, moistening and tainting the earth.

Baghdad is looking on while intestines are flapping, eyes are flowing with tears, and hearts are waiting in anticipation.

Where is ar-Rashīd and his days of past? Where are the guardians and the top youth?

What can a person hope for or fear more while the souls have been distressed by a life full of fear?

Pour upon my heart as fire the thirst for revenge brought by sorrow. And leave my heart for something else in which it will blaze.

There is no excuse for a people who, when we till them march forth, they refuse. Resolve is mobilized and good thought is delegated.

What do you hope for from security and comfort while wealth is looted and souls are destroyed?

O Ummah of courage, where is the courage? Harm has hindered you. O Ummah of glory, where are the glory and nobility?

Do not accept injustice and defend your honor. Honor is of those matters which even the Arabs would defend.

I see the honorable peoples always busied by the determination of leaders, not by distraction and play.

Either the honor of life is protected by might from disgrace, else there is death and destruction.

Protect the lands and be a people of patience who do not lower the wing of humiliation even if they are distressed.

What do you expect other than to be surrounded? And then there will not be a refuge nor escape. [Poetry]

As for the mule of the Jews, the failing Obama, his incapable party, his weak coalition, and his defeated army, then we say: Throughout history we have never heard of tactical setbacks. But we promise you in the future with more and more setbacks, inshā’allāh, and with surprises followed by surprises. So watch, we are also watching.

And we congratulate the soldiers in al-Qawqāz of the Islamic State on the announcement of the wilāyah. We congratulate them on their bay’ah and their joining of the ranks of the Khilāfah. Amīrul-Mu’minīn has accepted your bay’ah and has appointed the noble shaykh Abū Muhammad al-Qadarī as Wālī over al-Qawqāz and advised him to have taqwā of Allah both in his private and public affairs as well as with kindness and softness towards those with him. We advise all the mujahidin in al-Qawqāz to join his caravan and to hear and obey him in everything except sin. And we ask Allah (ta’ālā) to keep you firm, support you, and grant you victory.

We also call all the mujāhidīn in Khurāsān who truthfully endeavor to implement the Sharī’ah of Allah to join the ranks of the Khilāfah. We call them to abandon discord, the discord of the factions, parties, and groups, for the Khilāfah gathers all the Muslims, the Shāmī, the Iraqi, the Yemeni, the Egyptian, the European, the American, and the African. It gathers the Arabs and the non-Arabs. It gathers the Hanafī, the Shāfi’ī, the Mālikī, and the Hanbalī. So come to your Khilāfah, for you have fought for long years to revive it and to implement the Sharī’ah of Allah. Here it is now, revived. So join its ranks and do not be like the Jews about whom Allah (ta’ālā) said, {When there came to them that which they recognized, they disbelieved in it} [Al-Baqarah: 89]. So come and let your allegiance be to your Lord, and your religion, not to your nations, peoples, lands, or factions.

And in Khurāsān there are those who claim to be mujāhidīn fī sabīlillāh while being an ally of the Pakistani intelligence or others. We warn these people and call them to repent. Whoever does not repent and announce his repentance, then he has no one to blame but himself. O mujāhidīn, do not show these likes any pity nor mercy.

O soldiers of the Islamic State everywhere. These are the battlefields before you, these are your arms, and here is Ramadān. Renew your intention before Allah (‘azza wa jall). Be sincere to Him (subhānah). Adhere to renewing it. And repent to Allah regarding your private and public affairs and seek His forgiveness. Do much in repenting and seeking forgiveness. And know that Allah (‘azza wa jall) did not promise to give the mujāhidīn victory in every event. Rather, the established way of Allah (tabāraka wa ta’ālā) is to alternate the days of victory and defeat and to make war have its ups and downs. Allah (ta’ālā) said, {If a wound should touch you – there has already touched the [opposing] people a wound similar to it. And these days [of varying conditions] We alternate among the people} [Āl ‘Imrān: 140]. So the mujāhidīn fī sabīlillāh might lose a battle or battles. Rather, turns of misfortune might overtake them and thus they lose cities and areas, but they are never defeated at all, for Allah (‘azza wa jall) made the final outcome and ultimate victory for them if they fear Him and are patient. But before so, it is necessary for tests and tribulations. So if you lose land, then you will regain it and more, inshā’allāh, even if after some time. This is because the final outcome and consolidation, by Allah’s permission, is for you. And the enemies of Allah are in front of you. Attack them everywhere. Make the earth shake beneath them. And be patient and firm, for Allah is with you.

O Muslims, this is a blessed hour on a blessed day. I will supplicate, so say āmīn. O Allah, support the mujāhidīn everywhere fighting for Your cause. O Allah, make their hearts steadfast, plant their feet firmly, and grant them an overwhelming victory and clear conquest. O Allah make this month a month of victories for the Muslims everywhere and make it a month of disasters, defeats, and disgrace for the kuffār everywhere. O Allah, deal with everyone who declares the blood of the mujāhidīn fighting for Your cause as halāl and wages war against them under the pretext that they are Khawārij. O Allah, splinter their unity, divide their gathering, and break all of their backs. O Allah, deal with everyone who incites against the mujāhidīn fighting for Your cause and gives verdicts ordering to kill them under the pretext that they are Khawārij. O Allah, make them succumb to diseases and calamities. O Allah, make them an example for the people and an admonishment. There is no god but You. You are exalted. Indeed, we have been from the wrongdoers. O Allah, send blessings and peace upon Muhammad and upon all of his family and companions. And all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the creation.

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Tawheed & The Rejection Of All Else

ansaaar1 islamic state mujahideen call of dutyAllah said {Those who believe fight in the

cause of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight

in the cause of taghut. So fight against the allies

of Shaytan. Indeed, the plot of Shaytan has ever

been weak} [An Nisa 76]

Allah also said {You will not find a people

who believe in Allah and the Last Day having

affection for those who oppose Allah and His

Messenger, even if they were their fathers or

their sons or their brothers or their kindred} [Al

Hashr 22]

Allah’s Messenger said, “Whoever is killed under a blind banner,

calling to ‘asabiyyah (tribalism or factionalism)

or supporting ‘asabiyyah, then his death is a

death of Jahiliyyah”

[Reported by Muslim on the

authority of Jundub Ibn Abdillah]

Allah’s Messenger also said, “Indeed, everything from

the affairs of Jahiliyyah has been placed beneath my foot”

[Reported by Muslim on the authority of Jabir Ibn Abdillah]

Shaykh Abu Mus’ab az Zarqawi (rahimahullāh)

said “We do not perform jihad here for a fistful

of dirt or an illusory border drawn up by Sykes

and Picot. Similarly, we do not perform jihad

for a Western taghut to take the place of an

Arab taghut. Rather our jihad is loftier and more

superior. We perform jihad so that Allah’s word

becomes supreme and that the religion becomes

completely for Allah.

{And fight them until there is no fitnah and until the religion,

all of it, is for Allah} [Al Anfal 39]

Everyone who opposes this goal or stands in the path of this

goal is an enemy for us and a target for our swords, whatever his

name may be and whatever his lineage may be.

We have a religion that Allah revealed to be a

scale and a judge. Its statement is decisive and

its judgment is not amusement. It is the kinship

between us and the people, for our scales – by

Allah’s grace – are divine, our laws are Quranic,

and our judgments are upon the prophetic

tradition. The American Muslim is our beloved

brother. And the kafir Arab is our despised enemy

even if we and he were to have shared the same



The Khalifah said “O Muslims

everywhere, glad tidings to you and expect good.

Raise your heads high, for today – by Allah’s

grace – you have a state and khilafah, which will

return your dignity, might, rights, and leadership.

It is a state where the Arab and non-Arab, the

white man and black man, the easterner and

westerner are all brothers. It is a khilafah that

gathered the Caucasian, Indian, Chinese, Shami,

Iraqi, Yemeni, Egyptian, Maghribi (North African),

American, French, German, and Australian.

Allah brought their hearts together, and thus, they

became brothers by His grace, loving each other

for the sake of Allah, standing in a single trench,

defending and guarding each other, and sacrificing

themselves for one another. Their blood mixed

and became one, under a single flag and goal, in

one pavilion, enjoying this blessing, the blessing

of faithful brotherhood. If kings were to taste this

blessing, they would abandon their kingdoms and

fight over this grace. All praise and thanks are due

to Allah. Therefore, rush O Muslims to your state.

Yes, it is your state. Rush, because Syria is not for

the Syrians and Iraq is not for the Iraqis. The Earth

is Allah’s.

{Indeed, the Earth belongs to Allah. He

causes to inherit it whom He wills of His servants.

And the [best] outcome is for the righteous} [Al

A’raf 128]

The State is a state for all Muslims.

The land is for the Muslims, all the Muslims”

[A Message to the Mujahidin and the Muslims]

Nationalism, patriotism, tribalism, and revolutionism

were never the driving forces inside the heart

of the mujāhid. For him to lose his

tongue would be more beloved to him than to

voluntarily utter slogans of nationalist Jahiliyyah.

Rather, the banners of nationalism are beneath

his dusty feet, as they oppose Tawhid and the

Shari’ah and represent the kufr and shirk

ideologies brought to the Muslim world by the

two crusaders: Sykes and Picot.

Amongst the greatest deeds the muwahhid

performs is his rejection of nationalism. Rather,

his Islam is not correct until he disbelieves in

nationalism, as nationalism declares people equal

regardless of their religion, it does not discriminate

between them accordingly, it limits the religion to

a nationalist border, and it prohibits its expansion

beyond. For these reasons, nationalism was

innovated by the West, as through it, they elevated

their dhimmi brethren, empowered apostasy in

the Muslims’ lands, divided and conquered the

Muslim peoples, and defended the crusaders’

lands from offensive jihad.

The taghut Firawn ruled his people through

factionalism, a predecessor to nationalism.

{Indeed, Fir’awn exalted himself in the land and

made its people into factions, oppressing a sector

among them, slaughtering their [newborn] sons

and keeping their females alive. Indeed, he was of

the corrupters} [Al Qasas 4]

And the Muslims were ordered to fight everyone

that stands in the way of this religion becoming

manifest over all others, not to terminate its

expansion upon reaching national borders.

{It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and

the religion of truth to manifest it over all religion,

even if the mushrikin despise it} [At Tawbah


{And fight them until there is no fitnah and

[until] the religion, all of it, is for Allah. And if they

cease – then indeed, Allah is Seeing of what they

do} [Al Anfal 39]

And the kuffar can never be the equals of the

Muslims even if both were to come from the

same land.

{Then will We treat the Muslims like

the criminals? What is the matter with you? How

do you judge?} [Al Qalam 35-36]

{Or should we treat those who believe and do righteous deeds

like corrupters in the land? Or should We treat

those who fear Allah like the wicked?} [Sad 28]

Therefore, pure tawhid and nationalism can never


Finally, nationalism must be disbelieved in so that

victory can be achieved for Islam and the Ummah.

{Allah has promised those who have believed

among you and done righteous deeds that He will

surely grant them succession [to authority] upon the

Earth just as He granted it to those before

them and that He will surely establish for them

[therein] their religion which He has preferred for

them and that He will surely substitute for them,

after their fear, security, for they worship Me,

not associating anything with Me. But whoever

disbelieves after that – then those are the defiantly

disobedient} [An Nur 55]

And now, has the time not come for the crusaders,

atheists, and apostates to realize that the Islamic

State and its message to the world is here to stay?

The Khalifah said “Let the world

know that we are living today in a new era. Whoever

was heedless must now be alert. Whoever was

sleeping must now awaken. Whoever was shocked

and startled must comprehend. The Muslims today

have a loud, thundering statement, and possess

heavy boots. They have a statement that will cause

the world to hear and understand the meaning of

terrorism, and boots that will trample the idol of

nationalism, destroy the idol of democracy and

uncover its deviant nature”

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Abu Musob Zarqawi’s Reply To Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi

Abu Musab Zarqawi Ansaaar1Sheikh Maqdisi’s stance towards the Islamic State’s is nothing new, he was against them and made it clear back in 2004. Since then his animosity towards the blessed mujahideen  of Iraq has increased and he has shown his true feelings recently in his Jordaninan Government interview after the Jordanian pilot incident.  The following article will shed some light on the subject.


This Response by Sheykh Abu Mus’ab Zarqawi was published on 12 July 2005 In Alhesbah network

Praise be to Allah, whose Help glorifies Islam, irresistibly humiliates shirk (rejection of oneness), whose Command manages all affairs, whose Planning draws the Kuffaar (unbelievers) in little by little, whose Justice causes days of blessings and days of suffering to alternate, and whose Grace makes final victory belong to the pious. And peace and prayer be on the one that with his sword, Allah elevated Islam’s status.

Praise and Glory be to Allah, the Most High. He puts his servants through trials, days and nights, with all sorts of adversities and hardship in order to purge those that are true in faith and to deprive of blessing those that resist faith. Allah, the Most High said:

According to Saheeh Muslim, Allah the Most High said this to the Messenger of Allah:

“I have sent you [with the message] to try you and to test others through you.”

What we are witnessing now in the Land of the Two Rivers is just one form of trial. The crusaders invaded the land to sway people away from their religion and rip off their wealth, by force, in the biggest campaign against Islam in modern times.

With Allah’s blessing, we have chosen the path of jihad in His cause to defend His religion and establish the word of Allah, above all others. This stand has prompt people to slander us, to misrepresent our mission, and to drive Muslims away from us. But we continued on our mission as we were guided by this saying of the Prophet:

“They will not be harmed by those who oppose them or those who did not answer their call”

The fact that those who opposed us and disagreed with us were of corrupt ‘aqeedah caused us no distraction from our mission. And Allah has blessed His truthful mujahideen with a victory in the battle of Ahzaab, the first Fallujah battle. Allah has disgraced and humiliated their enemies and made them (enemies) retreat in total defeat. But while the mujahideen were watching how the shadow of that victory turns around, an arrow aimed at their hearts came straight to spoil that victory.

However, this time, the arrow did not come from any of those whose ‘aqeedah is corrupt, but it came from a man who is considered to be a supporter of our path. I am referring to an article titled “Zarqawi help and advice – hopes & pains” (Dated 2004) by Sheikh Abu Muhammad alvMaqdisi, may Allah preserve him. I will not forget how Sheikh Abu Anas, may Allah have mercy on him, started to cry when he saw sadness on my face as I was reading the article. Yes, I was saddened because the article misrepresented me and misrepresented the facts. Abu Anas said to me then:

“Verily Allah will defend those who believe” (Al Quran 22:38)

I thought that the whole thing might have been a flop from which the Sheikh will recover. But Sheikh al Maqdisi, may Allah preserve him, affirmed his position in another article titled: “Fruits of Jihad Revisited” (Dated 2004) and then reaffirmed all that in his recent(6 July 2005) interview with Al-Jazeera Channel (watch or read the transcript). During that interview, he made a point of saying that he was speaking freely and was not under undue pressure from anyone. At this point, I have concluded that what was supposed to have been sincere advice has gone beyond that and therefore has been misdirected and lost its legal bases. He appeared to have had ulterior motives, especially now that everyone can see the cross worshippers military machine has crumbled under the intense pressure from mujaahideen. Therefore, I felt compelled to clarify some issues and facts and correct some errors that were presented in both of Sheikh Maqdisi’s articles as well as his interview with Al-Jazeera.

I start by putting all my trust in Allah and realizing that success comes only from Allah.

Firstly: My response will focus on clarifying some facts about the path of our jihad in Iraq and any related matters.

I will begin by discussing what appeared in his (Sheikh Maqdisi) articles as a record of my relationship with him and things that we talked as these items do not serve anyone but the enemies of Allah.

Secondly: The Sheikh began his first article by indicating that he tried very hard to find a way to get the document or at least most of it to me before publishing it but he was not successful and therefore, he had to publish it. If that was true, what was then the reason for repeating his so-called advice during his interview with Al-Jazeera? If his primary concern has been to communicate an advice to me, well this goal has already been accomplished by publishing the article. I must not only ask why had the matter been repeated on Al-Jazeera Channel but I must also ask why now? Doing things of that nature now does not serve anyone but the cross worshippers and their apostate servants.

Thirdly: The Sheikh, alleged that I benefited from him, sought sanctuary in his Sheikhdom, and never said anything that contradicted his position. There is no doubt that the poor servant (referring to himself) is indeed indebted to Sheikh Abu Muhammad, he was one of those whom I learned details of Tawheed from, and my position with respect to many issues was similar to his.

However, he must have known that following him or being close to him was only because I believed that his views agreed with the Book (Quran) and Sunnah (the practice of the Messenger of Allah), and it was not blind following. If the matter was nothing more than blind following, we have blindly followed those who are far more knowledgeable and have higher status than him. The bases for our religion are the Book and the Sunnah. Therefore, we accept whatever is in full agreement with them (Book and Sunnah) and reject whatever contradict with them.

So just as I benefited from Sheikh Maqdisi, may Allah reward him many times over, I have also benefited from other righteous scholars. This does not mean that I have to implement everything Maqdisi says, besides, he does not and should not have a monopoly on knowledge, and not everything he says is correct, especially when it comes to jihaad and the current state of affairs of the Ummah in view of the crusader’s campaign against Islam.
As I continue on the path of Allah and as I make decisions on matters of jihad, I do not take one step forward without consultation with reviewing the Sharee’ah and certainly without consulting righteous, truthful, mujahideen scholars. Allah knows that I keep constant communication with some righteous scholars who are far more knowledgeable than Maqdisi to get their opinion on most of what I am faced with on daily bases. They (the righteous) scholars are behind bars and if it was not for their safety, I would have disclosed their names here.

Anyone who knows the poor servant and who is familiar with my relationship with the Sheikh (inside and outside prison must know that I disagreed with many of his positions, especially matters related to jihad and team work. When I was freed from prison and decided to do for active jihad, I did not consult Abu Muhammad. I believed that there is another way to effectively help the religion that is different from his.

It is sad and regrettable indeed that the article is written by Abu Muhammad whose way of inviting people to the path of Allah gravitates around total submission to Allah and to Allah belongs everything, but in his article he says things like:

My Sheikhdom . . . My shadow . . . They benefited from my name…

All I can say is Allah’s help is sought.

Have you come across a case in the Book, or Sunnah or the history of earlier generation of righteous people, in which a person becomes a slave to his mentor? Have you come across any case such as the one above in which a person is not supposed to disagree with his mentor and is not suppose to accept opinions from other scholars?

Fourthly: The Sheikh, may Allah preserve him, mentioned that I insisted that Sheikh Osama bin Laden, may Allah preserve him, teach the ideology of Sheikh Abu Muhammad in his training camps as a condition for working with him. This is totally false. I have never sat down with Sheikh Osama, may Allah preserve him, to discuss this particular subject. I would like to ask the Sheikh about his phrase “Manhaj Abu Muhammad” (Abu Muhammad’s Ideology). Is this a manhaj (methodology) that is unique to him and not one else has adopted before? Or is it the manhaj of righteous scholars of earlier generations that he chose to follow? If he answers yes to the first option, then we do not need his manhaj because our religion is one of following the straight path of Allah and His Messenger and not one of innovation. If he answers yes to the second option, we ought to ask him why is he crediting himself with this manhaj which has been preached and propagated by many of scholars of jihad and none of them claimed credit for it?

But what surprised me the most is how could the Sheikh allowed himself to make such statement without verifying it with me? Besides, why now?

This is a very sensitive time and I am now a soldier in the army of Sheikh Osama, may Allah preserve him, so what good would Sheikh Maqdisi’s allegations do and who is the real beneficiary?

Fifth: The Sheikh has mentioned that I was adopting his position regarding martyrdom operations but now I am expanding them in Iraq, contrary to an earlier position of disapproving them. The Sheikh did not accurately represent the stages and circumstances of my position. I disapproved of martyrdom operations when I was in Afghanistan. My position was based on opinion of respected scholars at that time under the specific circumstances that prevailed then. I had not yet met Maqdisi, at that time. Upon my return from Afghanistan, I met Maqdisi, and my position on martyrdom operations happened to agree with his. After we were released from prison, I went back to Afghanistan, and there I met Sheikh Abu Abdullah al-Muhaajir and we discussed the matter of martyrdom. He considered it permissible, and I read an excellent paper written by him on the subject and I listened to some of his tapes as well. Allah has expanded my breast to accept his position on martyrdom operations. Not only did I see that they (martyrdom operations) are permitted but I was convinced that they are desirable. I proceeded then to arrange for Sheikh al-Muhaajir to give a 10-days work shop in Hirat Camp to explain the legality of these operation to the brothers there- this had a very positive impact on the brothers.

But the question is: why does Maqdisi object to changing my position while he himself has gone from prohibiting martyrdom to allowing it under certain conditions? Why didn’t he present the whole story including his own position which has also changed?

Sixth: The Sheikh has mentioned that I named the party of mujahideen working with me“The Party of Tawheed wal-Jihaad”, same name as his website, “Mimbar at-Tawheed wal-Jihaad”. Well the words “tawheed” and “jihad” are standard vocabulary in our Sharee’ah. So what is wrong with using them to name a particular group? Why would anyone claim a monopoly over these two words?

If I organize a group and name that group, “The Salafi Party of Preaching and Fighting”does that mean I need to operate under our brothers in Algeria?

Many of our scholars have given same names to books written by different authors and we have never heard anyone objecting to that. For example “az-Zuhd” was a title for books written by, Ibn Mubaarak, Ibn Abu A’sem, and Ahmad Ibn Hanbal; “Fath al-Baari” was a title given to books written by Ibn Rajab, Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani, and others. The Sheikh will only have a point if we called our group “The Party of Tawheed wal-Jihaad”, an off-shoot of Mimbar at-Tawheed wal-Jihaad”, or if I used his name.

But the pressing question here is: what is it to gain by raising this matter over and over? Especially now that the “Party of Tawheed and Jihad” is a thing of the past. This group is now unit working under the leadership of the Central Al-Qaida Organization.

Seventh: The Sheikh has shown his reservation about our decision to fight the “Raafidah” (Shia who slander Aa’ishah – the wife of the Prophet, curse the Companions, and hold their Imaams as infallible). He further went on to say that the ordinary Raafidah is no different from an ordinary Sunni. As to fighting the Raafidah, we have indicated many times that we did not start any conflict with them, but it was them who started a campaign to liquidate all Sunnis, disperse them, confiscating their mosques, etc. Not to mention their alliance with the crusaders. Does he expect us to watch all this and do nothing?

As to equating the ordinary Raafidah with the ordinary Sunni, I swear by Allah that this totally unfair to the Sunni. Does the Sheikh really think a person who understands and practices tawheed is equal to a person who seeks help from Ali and Hussein instead of Allah? Don’t you know that their Imaams are thought to be infallible, know part of the unknown, and they manage events in the universe? Is that shirk or not?

They are no longer the ordinary, innocent citizens you think they are, but they have become soldiers serving the Infidel Kaafir and spying on the mujahideen. How do you think Ja’fary got to be prime minister? It is also incorrect and inappropriate to use Ibn Taymiyyah’s fatwaa, which was applicable to his time and conditions therein, and apply it to the Raafidah today without examining their current state of affairs. Furthermore, there are a number of righteous scholars, such as, Sheikh Hammod al-Uqla, Sheikh Sulayman al-Alwan, Sheikh Ali al-Khudair, Sheikh Abu Abdullah al-Muhaajir, and Sheikh ar-Rashoud, who pronounced the Raafidah, including their ordinary ones, Kufaar.

Eighth: The Sheikh indicated that he does not support sending mujahideen from Muslim youths to Iraq as it is going to be “an inferno for them,” according to his statement.

I swear by Allah, this is a grave misfortune. Can anyone believe that such fatwaa comes from Abu Muhammad? What inferno are you talking about? The real inferno awaits those who shy away from implementing the verdict of Allah and refuse to answer the call to jihaad:

“Go you forth (whether equipped) lightly or heavily, and strive and struggle, with your goods and your persons, in the cause of Allah. That is best for you if you but knew” (Quran 9:41)

The real inferno awaits those who ignore the consensus of this Ummah with regard to aiding and protecting the weak and ill-treated Muslims whose homes, dignity, and chastisement have been violated by the invading crusaders. Allah, the Most High, says:

“But if they seek your aid in religion, it is your duty to help them” (Quran 8:72)

The real inferno awaits those who do nothing to free Muslim prisoners from Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and other locations. The real inferno awaits those who betray our honoured sisters who are being raped day and night by the cross worshippers and the Raafidah.

Sheikh, didn’t you know that practicing this fatwaa means abandoning jihaad and surrendering Muslim lands to the cross worshippers? Didn’t you know that answering the call to jihad does not cause death to come quicker and does not delay sustenance? Death and sustenance have been determined by Allah before one’s birth, and nothing will change that.

Khalid bin Waleed, who has participated in over 100 expeditions, died on his bed. He was not going to die on the battlefield, no matter how hard he tried.

Therefore, I urge Muslims to ignore this fatwaa in which the Sheikh believes that defending our religion, glory, and honour, is going to turn into an inferno that will ill burn all mujaahideen. This fatwaa contradicts the consensus of the Ummah. I urge Muslims to seek the scholars and leaders of mujaahideen, such as: Osama bin Laden, who swore by Allah that if he knows of a way to get to Iraq to fight alongside of mujaahideen there he would not have waited one minute, Sheikh Ayman az-Zawaahiri, who is of the opinion that fighting the invading crusaders in Iraq is a duty of every Muslim, Sheikhs: Sulayman al-Alwan, Abu Abdullah al-Muhaajr, Abu al-Laith al-Libby, Abdullah ar-Rashoud, Yousuf al-Uyeyri, and Hamd al-Haamidi, all are of the opinion that jihaad in Iraq is obligatory. Therefore, our source of knowledge must be the Book of Allah and the Sunnah. We will not accept anything that contradicts them.

O Abu Muhammad! I swear by Allah, if the entire Ummah told me that jihad in Iraq is going to throw the mujaahideen into an inferno, I would not listen to them unless they bring forth an irrefutable evidence. How could I take such fatwaa knowing that Allah says:

“And why should not fight in the cause of Allah, and of those who being weak ill-treated and oppressed?-men, women and children, whose cry is “Our Lord! Rescue us from this town. Whose people are oppressors and raise for us from you one who will protect and raise for us from you one who will help!” (Quran 4:75)

Isn’t this fatwaa and its timing, especially now that only a blind or a hypocrite cannot see the American army’s defeat in Iraq, a way to save Bush and his mercenaries, whether we know it or not and whether we mean it or not?

I could not find an evidence to discard the Sheikh’s fatwaa better than the Sheikh’s own words in an introduction he wrote for a book written by Sheikh Abu Qatadah, may Allah preserve him. In this introduction, Sheikh Maqdisi wrote: “We should not come up with short-sighted fatwaa that fail to take the intent of our Sharee’ah and current events on Muslim land into consideration. Such fatwaa would be an obstacle in the face of jihad and fighting the invading enemy.”

However, if you want to practice jihad that is totally free of any defects and if you decide not to sacrifice yourself for the cause of Allah unless your conditions are met, more power to you because in this case we are talking about one body and one soul, you that is. But I must caution you not to discourage others from jihaad which is duty mandated by our Sharee’ah. I will even go beyond that; I will caution you to discourage jihad even if those who are fighting the enemies of Allah are not following the way of the believers.

Finally: If we were to determine whether or not what you have said or written follow our Prophet’s hadeeth: “Ad-Deenu un-Naseehah” (religion is advice or counselling), I say to the Sheikh that what you have done as neither advice, nor counselling, nor help, nor support. You have mentioned matters that have nothing to do with advising or counselling; you have talked about events throughout our history of preaching tawheed, but regrettable, you were not fair and you failed to stick to the accuracies of matters. I want you to  know that I am quite capable of exposing and discrediting many of your misrepresentation with vigour, but I prefer to save this vigour, force, and harshness for the enemies of our religion and not use them against my brothers. This is what Allah commanded us:

“Muhammad is the messenger of Allah and those who are with him are strong against the Unbelievers, but compassionate amongst each other.” (Quran 48:29)

I have news for you, Abu Muhammad: The cross worshippers, secularists, Raafidah, Islamic Party and all other deviant groups in Iraq are busy distributing printed copies of your interview with Al-Jazeera to all people in order to discourage any would be mujahid from joining the mujahideen caravan. Let me also tell you, our honoured Sheikh, after you gave your interview to Al-Jazeera Channel, the enemies of Allah had a very good night sleep.

There you see the tail of Al-Sulul, (Al-Awaji), making the following announcement, at the order of his masters:

“Al-Maqdisi has reversed his position, a development that will create a rift amongst mujahideen.”

When you see or hear about this you may say that these people misquoted you, just as you did before. If that happens, I will have to say, may Allah forgive you Sheikh, since when those satellite channels and news media have been known to stand by the truth? Were you not one of those who have always warned us about their tactics? Why didn’t you wait until you hear directly from us about the exact situation we are in? After that, you could have chosen any of the legal (according to Islamic Sharee’ah) ways to advise or counsel us. Our reaction would have been simple; we would have accepted whatever was right, and we would have rejected anything else, based on our current situation which we know and live in it and you do not.

Let me tell you this, our honoured Sheikh: this matter does not harm me personally but it does harm this jihaad. I am only one man whose soul could be ordered back to its Lord any time. But the sad thing is that we now have jihad that is blessed by Allah and it bore fruits already but the enemies of Allah are working hard to dismantle it from its foundation. If that happens, I can assure you, Abu Muhammad, that in terms of who get credit for that, you will walk away with the lion’s share.

I ask you in the name of Allah to avoid following Satan’s footsteps and be ware of plots of the enemies of Allah, and do not fall for their trap that is designed to use you to drive a wedge between the mujaahideen.

Didn’t you notice the extraordinary attention paid and coverage given to your interview with Al-Jazeera?

Before I end my response, I would like to say that Sheikh Maqdisi, may Allah preserve him, is one whose services and sacrifices are known and should be credited to him, he is worthy of being given the benefit of the doubt and he capable of clarifying or correcting the mishap. Having made a mistake does not mean that we look down to him and to his knowledge. If it was not for the seriousness of the matters that the Sheikh opted to discuss openly to millions of viewers, and if it was not for its negative impact on jihad and mujahideen, I would have not bothered to write this response.

May Allah forgive us and him, and may Allah not allow His enemies to have a way to harm us.

Peace and prayer be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family,and his Companions.

Abu Mus’ab az-Zarqaawi

6 Jumada Al-Akhiah 1426 AH

12 July 2005

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Saudi Arabia Secret Torture Prisons (Part 2)

ansaaar1 tawhed.ws shamukh1 THE BRUTAL TORTURE

As a finishing point, the former Egyptian Interior Minister,
Zaki Badar, was sacked from his post because he was too
harsh and inhumane in this torture methods, and many people
died under his custody. The Saudi Interior Ministry duly hired
him and he helped to organise the various torture methods on
the brothers. He was Prince Naif’s personal advisor on how to
deal with Islamists. Praise be to Allah that he died whilst on a
recent visit to the USA.

Since being released, all the brothers have had their
passports confiscated so that they cannot travel abroad.
Furthermore, some brothers still suffer from permanent injuries
inflicted on them in Ar-Ruwais. We ask Allah to release our
brothers still inside: Hassan As-Sarehi, Muhammad Hamdi Al-
Ahdal (Abu Asim Al-Makki), Abu Ishaq Al-Makki, Abu Shaheed
Ash-Sharqi and others. Praise be to Allah, this only makes us
stronger, as Allah says in the Quran:

“Do you really think that you will enter Paradise, until Allah has
decided from amongst you, those that make Jihad and those
who are patient?” [Quran 3:142]

A Mujahid Brother


The following is a report exposing the
gruesome, brutal, immoral and satanic acts
of horrendous torture perpetrated by the
kuffaar Saudi authorities masquerading as
Muslims. This report was issued in 1998
when about 2,000 Mujahideen were held in
the torture-hell of the Saudi regime. Today
approximately 40,000 brothers including
numerous Ulama and academicians are
languishing in the most horrid and brutal
conditions for which Saudi torture
chambers have acquired infamy and
notoriety. – Report issued by Azzam
Publications of United Kingdom.


We would like to say that what you are about to read is not
a fabricated or second-hand account. This account was taken
DIRECTLY from the mouth of the brother who underwent this
torture and spoke to his brother inmates. After our last report
titled: ‘Torture in Saudi Prisons: Exclusive Report’, some
defenders of the Saudi regime stated that they did not deny the
report, but that it must have been exaggerated. This is a
stance similar to the disbelievers at the time of the Prophet
(SAWS), who said to him: “We do not say that you are a liar,
but we say that what you have brought is false.” Defenders of
the Saudi regime will nonetheless continue to make further
excuses after this second torture report and say that this is a
made-up story or that it is lies.

In the Name of ALLAH, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind

Sometime after I returned from a land of Jihad, soon after
the Hajj season, I was asked to report at the headquarters of
the Saudi Interior Ministry in my city. I was told that I was
needed for questioning for a period not exceeding two weeks. I
was then taken to the famous Ar-Ruwais Interrogation Centre
in Ar-Ruwais District, Jeddah. Unlike the Al-Hair maximum
security prison in Riyadh, where Dr. Sheikh Salman Al-Owdah
and Dr. Sheikh Safar Al-Hawali have been in detention since
September 1994 (over four years now), Ar-Ruwais
Interrogation is not publicly known by international human
rights organisations such as Amnesty International and Red
Cross. The Saudi Government continues to deny the existence
of such a place. Ar-Ruwais Interrogation Centre is also the
place where Sheikh Abu Abdul-Azeez, the initiator of the Jihad
in Bosnia was held for fifteen months (he has since been
released but is banned from leaving the country) and Abu
Abdur-Rahman Al-Sarehi, the mastermind of the famous Lion’s
Den Operation against the Soviet Army in Jaaje, Afghanistan,
1987: undoubtedly the most brilliant operation conducted by
the foreign Mujahideen against the Soviets in the ten year
Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, is still being held.

When I arrived at the prison, I was placed in a large room
with about ten other brothers. I was placed in such a room
because all the solitary confinement cells were full. I saw at
least five corridors of cells, each corridor housing about 75
brothers, totalling over 350 brothers. This was only in my
section: there are other sections to the Centre. I knew just over
half of these 350 brothers, as I met them in various lands of
Jihad. There was also one corridor specifically for women,
where mothers, sisters, daughters and wives of brothers were
housed. It is important to note that there are NO common
criminals in Ar-Ruwais. Ar-Ruwais is a special, secret
interrogation centre/ prison, specifically for ‘political prisoners’.

Prince Naif, the Saudi Interior Minister, continues to deny the
existence of political prisoners in Saudi Arabia.

I spent the first three days in this communal cell, with no
problems. After that my name was called from a list and I was
asked to follow the guards. They took me to a special room,
containing many unusual objects: this was one of the many
torture chambers in the prison. I was joined by two individuals:
one guard and one interrogator. When I said ‘Assalamualaikum’
to him, he swore at me and then he came and began
to play with my beard, making fun of it. He was clean-shaven
of course.

This interrogator spoke to me for about one hour, during which
he said the following points to me:

“We are stronger and more powerful than you. You are not
Mujahideen, you are homosexuals, you are dogs, you are

“All your affairs are in my hands. If I want, I can kill you, I can
order the guard to rape you and no-one has power to stop me
if I want to do this.”

“You came here because you did such-and-such crime and
said such-and-such thing.” even though he had no evidence
for any accusation.

After this first hour, he left and another interrogator entered the
room. He was larger and stronger than the first interrogator. He
had a large beard, a garment that was above his ankles and
clear marks of prolonged prostration on his forehead. He
handcuffed me and began to ask me some questions. For the
next two hours, he continued to ask me the same question,
whilst the soldier continued to beat me on the soles of my feet
with a baton:

“Do you believe that King Fahd is a kafir and that the Saudi
Government is a government based on kufr?”

By the end of these two hours, my feet were bleeding and had
swollen to twice their size. My toenails had come off.

They asked this question to all the brothers, so that once
the brothers sign the paper stating that they believe this, they
will pass a fatwa (religious edict) on them, stating that they are
khawaarij (dissidents), who can lawfully be killed. During these
four hours, they said and did the following things to me.

“In Islam, whatever is necessary to establish an obligation,
then that thing itself becomes an obligation. It is an obligation
upon us to protect this country, so it is permissible (Halal) for
us to commit homosexual acts upon you in order to protect this
country. We can rape you now and kill you now. We are
authorised to do so.”

He then laughed and mentioned the verse in the Quran, (Surah Ta-Ha (20),
Verse 55) jokingly:

‘From it we created you, and into it we will return you &’ citing
his evidence for raping me. It was at that moment that I vowed
to myself that if ever I saw this man outside the prison, I would
kill him and not fear the consequences.

The interrogator then proceeded to read out a list of
crimes that I was supposed to have committed. The soldier
continued to beat me to force me to confess to these crimes,
until I shouted to the interrogator:

“BY ALLAH, I did not do those things!”

The interrogator then said to me,

“Allah, leave Him to the side. This is between me and you: it
has nothing to do with Allah.“

He then threatened to rape me and tried to remove my
trousers, but I resisted. Some brothers in the prison were
stripped naked. Others saw the interrogator order the soldier to
remove his trousers and underwear as a means of threatening
them. At least one brother I know was actually raped. Other
brothers refuse to speak about this topic, due to their shame
and honour, but there were other brothers who were raped as

During the interrogation sessions, the interrogator
continued to beat me with a baton and a whip, on my face,
hands and spine. My body turned black and red due to the
beating. Six months on, I still have pains in my spine due to
this beating. They swore at me and cursed my mother.

At other times, I was ordered to stand for hours on end
and the soldiers would beat me if I tried to sit down. I know one
Algerian brother who was forced to stand for three months. He
was beaten on the soles of his feet and blood was dripping
from them. They removed his clothes and inserted a baton into
his rectum.

Another brother had his beard plucked hair by hair until
there was not a single hair left on his face. Other brothers had
pins and other sharp objects inserted into their private parts. I
saw many brothers with signs of electric torture on their bodies.
Ar-Ruwais Centre uses three types of electric torture. One
is a hand-held stun gun, another is the size of a car battery
and the third is a huge, sophisticated machine, which was
known to the interrogators as ‘Cinderella’. Cinderella is a unit
into which the entire body of the victim is inserted. His arms,
legs and waist are tied down with strong straps, whilst electric
current is applied to him. It is electronically controlled and fully
computerised. Some brothers have suffered permanent brain
damage as a result of torture in this machine.

[Note by Azzam Publications: it is important to point out that no Muslim country
has the technology to produce such a sophisticated machine.
A British company in Selly Oak, Birmingham, UK, is famous for
its custom-made 20ft and 40ft fully-equipped torture chambers,
which are sold to Muslim countries. This point was also
debated in Parliament by some British MP’s.]

I met Abu Abdur-Rahman As-Sarehi (real name Hassan
As-Sarehi) in Ar-Ruwais. As-Sarehi was one of the most
brilliant Mujahideen commanders in the Afghan Jihad. In Jaaje,
1987, the Mujahideen mounted a daring and spectacular
attack against a powerful Soviet offensive involving Land and
Air power. It was one of the most famous battles during the
whole war and, due to the high risk encountered, it was known
as the Lion’s Den Operation of Afghanistan. Many notable
Mujahideen personalities participated in this operation, such as
Usama bin Ladin, Abu Zubair Al-Madani and Sheikh Tameem
Adnani amongst many others. Sheikh Abdullah Azzam was in
the second line of the Front. The mastermind and commander
of this operation was Abu Abdur-Rahman As-Sarehi. As-Sarehi
was the teacher of Ibn-ul-Khattab (the Ameer of the Foreign
Mujahideen in Chechnya) and taught Ibn-ul-Khattab much of
what he knew, from the time he came to Afghanistan as a
young teenager, until he left for Tajikistan, as a brilliant

After the explosion of the US Army base in Riyadh, the
Saudi Government requested the Pakistani Government to
extradite As-Sarehi, as he was living in Peshawar at the time.
They accused As-Sarehi of involvement in this explosion,
though without a shred of evidence. The Pakistani Government
agreed to hand over As-Sarehi to the Saudi Government in
return for two of the topmost Pakistani drug smugglers
imprisoned in Saudi Arabia and awaiting execution. After four
brothers were executed in Saudi Arabia for allegedly plotting
the Riyadh explosion, the Saudi Government should have
released Hassan As-Sarehi, but they continued to detain him.
He has now been in prison for over three years and the
following things have been done to him:

His neck was stretched away from his body so that it is
permanently disabled. He can no longer turn his neck from
side to side. He has been stripped naked and made to stand
for weeks on end. He was subjected to electric torture from all
the three types of electric torture equipment, including
‘Cinderella’. He has been denied visits from his family. His
body has become very weak now and his face is disfigured,
like someone who has undergone severe physical and mental

In the midst of all this torture, As-Sarehi told his

“Bring me a sheet of paper and I will sign it
confessing to every single crime that you accuse me of. I killed
President Kennedy, I killed King Faisal, I carried out the
Riyadh and Al-Khobar Explosions, anything you want.” His
interrogators replied that that was not good enough; they
wanted to know how he done it. He replied to them “I am telling
you, I did not do these crimes, so how can I tell you how I did

I saw another brother in prison, Abu Asim Al-Makki
(Muhammad Hamdi Al-Ahdal), who was famous for his heroic
feats in the famous Battle for Tishin, Bosnia, in 1992. In this
operation, he lost one leg and has been paralysed in one arm
ever since. Abu Asim, who is already disabled, was beaten
with shoes on his face. The interrogators beat him with baton
on his disabled limbs and spat in his face. His face also looks
like he has undergone severe physical and mental torture.

Another brother famous for heroic feats in Afghanistan,
Abu Ishaq Al-Makki was in Yemen. Prince Naif (the Saudi
Interior Minister) travelled to Yemen and took this brother back
in his own plane. He has been tortured severely in prison,
stripped naked and beaten.

One night whilst I was in prison, and the conditions were
extremely tough upon the brothers, I met one of the brothers
who saw a dream before Salat-ul-Fajr one night. He saw the
Messenger of Allah (SAWS) and the Messenger (SAWS) said
to him:

“Inform the brothers on my behalf, that the angels are
competing amongst themselves in writing down their rewards.”

This dream of the brother brought some relief and
encouragement to the rest of the brothers. However, we did
not say who had this dream, else that brother would be
tortured for having the dream in the first place.

In Ar-Ruwais, we were not allowed to supplicate to Allah
(make dua) with our hands outstretched. Perhaps the
interrogators knew in the bottom of their hearts the hadith of
the Prophet (SAWS) that

“there is no veil between Allah and the supplication of the oppressed one.”
We had to urinate in one litre bottles infront of the other brothers and attend
to other needs in public as well.

The interrogators constantly swore at and abused those
working for Islam, amongst the scholars, Mujahideen and
callers to Islam. They said that Sheikhs Salman Al-Owdah and
Safar Al-Hawali (in Al-Hair Prison, Riyadh, since September
1994) were khawaarij (dissidents) and kafirs (disbelievers).

There was one separate wing of Ar-Ruwais just for
women. Here, they would keep the wives, daughters, mothers
and sisters of the brothers. They brought the wives of one of
the brothers and threatened to rape her unless the brother
confessed to the crimes that they were accusing him of. The
brother duly signed anything they asked him to. One brother
escaped the country before he was arrested, so the Saudi
Interior Ministry imprisoned seven women members of his
family, for eight months, as a ploy to ask the brother to return.

It was common for them to strip brothers naked and make fun
of their privates. All this is from the country that calls itself
Balad-ut-Tawheed (The Land of Tawheed) and whose ruler
calls himself Khadim-ul-Haramain Ash-Sharifain (The
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques).

The names of some of the torturers at Ar-Ruwais are:

Adnan Filimblaan (he was the worst)
Talib Ad-Dhabbaagh Al-Qusayfaan (I cannot remember his first name)
Ghazi Al-Judaibi Al-Zagzoug (he was the Head of Ar-Ruwais Prison, who is
known to grovel to the Interior Minister, Prince Naif)

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Saudi Arabia Secret Torture Prisons (Part 1)

saudi arabia torture prisons ansaaar1TORTURE IN SAUDI PRISONS EXCLUSIVE REPORT (From 1999)

We would like to say that what you are about to read is not a fabricated or second-hand account. This account was taken DIRECTLY from the mouth of the brother who underwent this torture. Defenders of the Saudi regime will nonetheless try to say that this is a made-up story or that it is lies. In this case:





In the Name of ALLAH, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind

I don’t know what to say in the beginning and how to start the story, but I find myself forced to speak the truth and to let the world know about the biggest hypocrite regime on the face of the Earth. Words are not sufficient for me to describe what happened.

I returned from the Jihad in Afghanistan, where I had gone to help the oppressed Muslims and fulfil my duty to Allah (SWT). One night I was sleeping with my family at my home in Al-Khobar, in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My family heard a loud knocking on the front door which frightened them. My brother went to open the door, and as soon as he tried to open the door, the visitors forced their way into the house and put him up against the wall. They also got my other family members up against the wall. They forcefully woke me up from my sleep, dragged me by my clothes and put me against the wall as well. They started to swear at me:

You son of an adulteress! You dog! Where are the weapons in your house ?”

I told them that I did not have any weapons in my house. Then they started to beat me, in front of my family. They began searching my house and went through my things. Then they handcuffed me and took me in a car to the headquarters of the intelligence services.

When we reached the headquarters, they forced me out of the car and took me to one of the rooms. In that room, they removed all of my clothes and started to laugh whilst commenting on my ‘awrah (private parts). When I asked them why they were doing that, they said that it was part of the search procedures. They gave me back my clothes, took me to another room and told me to wait there The room was very cold and I waited for eleven hours before anyone came. I had gone to sleep in a chair, and was woken up by a slap across my face. Then someone said to me:

“How dare you sleep, you dog!”

Then he started to swear at me, calling me a homosexual, a fornicator with my mother and a fornicator with my sister. I said to him:

“Don’t say that. It is not Islamically permissible.”

He gestured to two guards to hit me. They hit me a number of times. Then he said:

“Don’t teach us our Deen. We know it better than you. ”

Then three officers entered. Their names are as follows: Ahmad Muhammad Al-Ba’aadee, Nida Al-Oteibi, Samir Rashid Al-Qahtani

They had all been educated in the USA. They sat down and, when they saw me, they said:

“His face does not suit interrogation, as there is not enough blood on it.”

Then a large soldier came and slapped me across my face a number of times until blood appeared. After that they asked me:

“Where did you learn to be a mujahid ?” I told them, “From the Book of ALLAH and the Sunnah of the Messenger of ALLAH (Peace and Blessings of ALLAH be upon him).” Then they said:

“Liar! Liar! The Book and the Sunnah did not tell you to disobey the walee amr ( ruler of the Muslims) and to fight the Islamic State.” I told them that I had not fought the Islamic State. They said:

“You don’t speak, only we speak!” Then they asked me hundreds of questions over nine hours. During the questioning, the subject of Sheikh ‘Abdullah Azzam- the shaheed (martyr) scholar of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, came up. I told them that the Saudi government portrayed a good image of him in the media. Then one of the officers, Ahmad Muhammad Al-Ba’aadee said:

“We know the truth about ‘Abdullah Azzam. He called all the young beardless boys to Afghanistan in order to carry out homosexual acts with them under the guise of Jihad.”

Eventually I asked them:

“Why am I here ? I want to know!” I wished I hadn’t asked. They said:

“It seems as if you didn’t have a good tarbiyyah (upbringing).” They then
ordered the guards: “Teach him some manners! ” And the guards beat me until
the officers said: “Enough!” I was then taken and thrown in the cells.

The next day they returned and asked me:

“Why did you go for Jihad ?” I told them that I went for Jihad to help the
Muslims and gain victory over the kafirs (disbelievers). They said:

“Liar! You want to overthrow the Saudi regime.” I said that that wasn’t true.

Then they questioned me for six hours. They asked me where I had hidden the
weapons and the explosives. I told them that I did not have any of these
things. They asked me more questions and I told them that I didn’t know.
They ordered the guards to take me to a room and make me stand until further notice. I thought I would be made to stand only for one day, being provided with food. In actual fact, they made me stand for eight days giving me only water but neither food nor a moment’s sleep.

When I used to make salah (prayer), I used to make long prostrations in
order to rest. One of the officers used to come and kick me, lifting my neck
with his foot. He would say: “Don’t make long prostrations! Get up!” and he
would swear at me. He used to do this whilst I was in salah!

After the eighth day I felt I was near to my death, since I had had neither
food nor sleep for eight days. Then one of the officers came and called me.
They gave me food and drink and said:

“Now that we have saved you from death, you will speak and tell us where the
weapons and the explosives are. ” I told them that I did not know because I
did not have anything. They said: “It seems that you have still not learnt
any manners.”

They took me to a room, sat me on a chair and attached electrodes to my
hands and legs. The officer turned the switch on to 30V. He asked me where
the weapons and the explosives were. I said to myself that I would not reply
except with ‘La ilaha ill ALLAH’. He started to increase the voltage to 60V,
90V then 120V. When he reached 150V, I fell unconscious. I awoke after one
day. They took me to the same room, and poured cold water over me in
preparation of more electric shocks. At that point I said: “OK! I’ll tell
you where the weapons and the explosives are. ” They asked me where, to
which I replied: “I left them in Afghanistan.” They then started to beat me
and swear at me again.

For two days I was not given any food. Then one of the officers asked me
whether I wanted to eat. I replied in the affirmative. He asked me which
restaurant would I prefer to eat from. I replied: “Masha-ALLAH, you have
five star service here!” He said: “In fact, you’ll see that we have ten star
service here. ” Then he began to laugh and I wondered why he laughed. He
took me to a room and asked me what I wanted to eat. I thought he was serious.

I said: “A cheeseburger from ‘Hardees’.
He said: “What else ?”
I said: “French Fries.”
He asked: “And what else?”
I said: “A Pepsi.”
He asked me if I wanted anything else, and I replied that that was
sufficient. Then he said:
“What do you think if we also get you an Apple Pie ?”
I said: “Yes, yes, bring that too!” He told me to wait there and he left the
room. After a while, he returned with four well-built men. He pointed to the
men and said:
“This is ‘Cheeseburger’, ‘French Fries’, ‘Pepsi’ and ‘Apple Pie’. They will
serve you your meal insha’ALLAH.”

I was sat in a chair, with my hands laid out flat on a table. The man he
named ‘Cheeseburger’ came and with a long cane, he struck the backs of both
of my hands until they became blue. The officer asked whether I had eaten my
fill with the ‘Cheeseburger’. I wanted to say yes, but I was in so much pain
that I couldn’t reply.

Next came ‘French Fries’. He brought with him three canes and said: “These
must be broken today!” He started to beat me across my back. By the Mercy of ALLAH, all three canes broke very soon. I don’t know how many times he had struck me, since after the third strike, I stopped feeling any pain.

Then came ‘Pepsi’ and ‘Apple Pie’. They laid me on my back on a table, and
brought something known as a ‘falakah’. This is like a short, thick, wooden
log with a short rope stretching from one end to another. They inserted my
feet through the rope, and rotated the log against my shins, winding the
rope and tightening my feet together. Each person held an end of the log and
raised it, so that my feet were up in the air. Then a third person came and
with a long, thin cane, beat the soles of my feet until they were covered in
blood (as a result I wasn’t able to stand for about six days, since the
soles of my feet had become torn). I pleaded with them to stop but they did
not listen and continued to beat me. After four hours of torture, they
stopped and left the room.

The officer returned and asked me if I wanted any other food. I said: “No I
am full.” He asked if I would like some cake as a dessert after my meal. I
was extremely angry and replied:

“Get lost you kafir! You dog! You dajjal! You American agent! You Israeli
agent! You Cross worshipper. ” He clapped his hands twice and three men
entered with three glass tanks. In each tank there was a snake. He teased me:

“Shall we release these, leave you and go? Shall we? I’m a kafir am I? I’m a
dog am I ? We will release these and also bring some scorpions.” One of the
snakes was as thick as my arm and one was a cobra. “They will entertain you!
” he said and he gave the order for the glass cases to be opened. I became
very frightened and I called him. I started to cry and said:

“I’ll tell you everything, and I won’t hide anything from you. Just take
these snakes away.” The officer became very happy. He stroked my beard and
my head, saying “Masha’ALLAH. You are a good boy now. You have become
well-mannered.” He started to wipe my tears, saying: “Don’t cry little boy.
I’m like your father.” I marvelled at ALLAH’s patience with this man. They
unshackled me and I told them I couldn’t walk. The officer said: “Don’t
worry. We are at your service.” and he ordered the others to carry me to the
interrogation room.

By now I was psychologically destroyed. I gave them information about the
brothers, but I didn’t tell them everything. And ALLAH knows that I didn’t
tell them anything, until after I had reached a state of psychological
destruction. For the one who is reading this account of mine is not like the
one who has been through it. I ask ALLAH to excuse me on the Day of Judgement.

I was then taken to the prison’s clinic where they treated an injury to my
eye, my back, my feet and my heart which had been affected by the electric
shocks. I stayed in the clinic for six days and I didn’t receive any
physical torture after that- only mental torture. For instance, they would
play loud music in my presence and swear at me with the worst swear words
imaginable. Then they took me to a normal cell to join three other
Mujahideen brothers.

After meeting with my brothers in the cell, I knew that what had happened to
me was light compared to what they had been put through. One of them was
locked in a corpse freezer and left for two days. He knocked and knocked and
pleaded with them to let him out. By the time they had taken him out, he had
become psychologically destroyed and he even confessed to things he had not
done. During this period he also acquired a continuous chest infection.

Another brother was placed in a hot room and fed some very salty food. For three days he was not given any water to drink. Then they came and asked him if he wanted any water. He was so thirsty and his mouth was so dry that he could not even speak, and he merely gestured that he needed water. They brought him the best mineral water and allowed him to drink to his heart’s content. When he wanted to go to the toilet to relieve himself, they tied his hands behind his back, removed his lower garment and sealed his private part with black tape. Then they laughed and said: “Go on, urinate!”

After a number of hours he cried and screamed and said: “Bring a blank sheet of paper and I will sign it. And you can write a confession to every crime above my signature. I killed Sadat (President of Egypt), I killed King
Faisal (Saudi Arabia), I killed John F. Kennedy (US President).” It was as
if he had become mad. Then he started to give them information regarding
every possible thing. Even things they did not ask him about. Then finally,
they allowed him to urinate.

Once one of the brothers returned from a torture session with a big smile on is face. Upon being asked the reason of his smile, he joyfully told us that he was happy because he had now seen open proof of the Saudi regime’s collaboration with the US government. He said that during his interrogation, he had also been questioned by American officers whose identity cards read: ‘FBI Saudi Arabia Branch.’ Afterwards I was to find out that the FBI even has an office in Al-Khobar.

I stayed in the prison for a further two months and ten days. One morning, one of the officers – ‘Abdul Ghani Ash-Shareef’ – came to the cell and called one of the brothers, addressing him as “You son of an adulteress! You fornicator with your mother!” The brother cautioned him to fear ALLAH. The officer replied:

“Are you trying to teach me about my Lord ? I know my Lord better than you! Cursed be your Lord! Cursed be your Deen!”

Once I said to this same officer: “Why do you torture me, when we are both from the tribe of Quraysh?” He replied: “Yes, but you are from the lineage of Muhammad, and I am from the lineage of Abu Jahl.”

Dear reader, you might not believe me if I told you that these were the most beautiful days of my life. We all used to pray during the night and fast everyday following the words of Ibn Taymeeyah: “What can my enemies do to me ? My Paradise is in my heart, wherever I go, it is with me. My murder is shahadah (martyrdom). My imprisonment is solitude with ALLAH. And my exile is tourism.” Some of the brothers even wrote this famous statement on the cell walls with their own blood.

And whilst in prison, we used to constantly repeat a slogan of which we were proud and felt we were acting by:

“La ilaha ill ALLAH Muhammad Ar-Rasoolullah ! Upon it we live, and upon it
we die. And in its path we make Jihad, and upon it we will meet ALLAH.”

All the brothers in all the cells used to chant this together in one voice
over and over again. The guards used to come and kick the doors, telling us to shut up. They would say: “May ALLAH either cut your tongues, or we will put our boots in your mouths.” But this would only increase the volume of our voices. And we would frequently utter cries of ALLAHU AKBAR (ALLAH is the Greatest), since we felt that this prison was a test from ALLAH to purify us from our sins and to strengthen our Iman (faith), just as had happened to Bilal bin Rabah, the family of Yasir, ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ud, Khabbab bin ‘Arrat, Abu Dharr Al-Ghifari, and before all of them, the Messenger of ALLAH (Peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him).

We used to feel that when this punishment was combined with Iman in ALLAH, it became a blessing from ALLAH and not a misfortune. The voices of the brothers were constantly engaged in the remembrance of ALLAH and recitation of Qur’an. We felt that these voices in the future would become war and weapons against the oppressors. Every time we saw a tyrant increasing the torture, we became more certain that their end was becoming nearer – because ALLAH gives respite, but does not disregard.

Then after many intercessions, ALLAH favoured me to leave that prison and that country. And here I am writing this actuality to all the Muslims in the Islamic world, so that they know the reality of this apostate regime; that they know that it is a regime of lies, pretending to represent Islam,
whereas Islam is innocent of it.

And to let those know who defend this regime and describe it as ‘Salafi’
(upon the example of the first three generations of Muslims), saying that it is established on the ‘Aqeedah of Tawheed (the creed of the Oneness of
ALLAH) whilst its soldiers punish the Muslims for raising the word of Tawheed.

A Mujahid Brother

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